Howell County Sheriff’s Department

April 24
Isaac Kristopher Harmon, 22, rape - second degree, statutory rape - second degree 
Randy Keith Roberts, 55, writ
Michael P Deardorff, 58, unlawful possession of a firearm (three counts)
Danny C Bearden, 43, burglary - second degree, failure to appear – felony, forgery, property damage - 1st degree (five counts) stealing - $750 or more (two counts) stealing – all other property (ten counts)
Tonya Jo Bangs, 42, assault - third degree - special victim, escape or attempted escape from custody while under arrest for felony (two counts) resisting/interfering with arrest for a felony 
April 25
Pavel Petrovich Kryshtal, 35, 72-hour commit
Christopher M Smith, 40, failure to register as sex off - felony or child under the age of 14, possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana/synth cannabinoid 
April 26
Angel M Perry, 26, driving while intoxicated-chronic
Jodie Leigh Martin, 36, court ordered commit
Matthew Benjamin Amrhein, 26, failure to appear-felony
Jesse Lee Parsons, 38, parole violation
April 27
Magnum James Price, 34, writ
William Henry Hodges, 38, endanger welfare of child involving drugs - first degree (three counts) possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana/synth cannabinoid and unlawful use of weapon (two counts)
David Eslinger, 44, 24-hour hold
Samantha Lee Smith, 50, armed criminal action, damage to jail/property, domestic assault-second degree
Travis Allen Anderson, 33, domestic assault-third degree, endanger welfare of child - create substantial risk - first degree
April 28
Rodney Allen Fox, 45, stealing-misdemeanor 
Kimberly Danielle Coffelt, 35, endanger welfare of child involving drugs - first degree (three counts), possession of controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana/synth cannabinoid unlawful use of weapon (two counts)
Tristan Even Vanwinkle, 31, 48-hour commit
Dustin Lynn Jewell, 37, property damage, stealing - catalytic converter (three counts) stealing - motor vehicle/watercraft/aircraft 
April 30
Theresa Michelle Love, 51, assault-fourth degree, domestic assault-second and third degree (two counts)
Calls for Service
April 25
Deputies responded to County Road 3090, West Plains, for a report of unlawful use of weapon. The reporting party stated while walking to his residence someone he knew shot at him. Deputies attempted contact with the reporting party, but he could only be reached by phone at a later time. An investigation is ongoing. 
Deputy Adriel Lesboa responded to County Road 9040, West Plains, to conduct a death investigation.
Deputy Melanie Roam took a report of a domestic assault that occurred previously.
Deputy Dylan Webb took a report of identity theft that occurred on an internet investment website.
April 26
Deputy Howell County Coroner Michael Pauly received a call of death at County Road 6310 West Plains.
April 27
Deputy Talon Millard responded to a call of a deceased individual at a residence on County Road 9900 of Lanton.
April 28
Deputy Roam received of a report of a dog bite on County Road 5130, West Plains.
Deputy Brian Jackson received a call regarding a violation of an order of protection in the area of State Route U and County Road 2680. He made an arrest for the offense and charges will be sent to the prosecuting attorney.
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