Howell County Sheriff’s Office

May 2
Hena Faith Reeves, 22, abuse or neglect of a child 
May 3
Thomas David Sloniker, 51, fugitive from out of state
Takeshia Renea Stewart, 33, resisting arrest/detention/stop by fleeing - creating substantial risk of injury/death 
Misty Lee Watson, 46, driving while intoxicated
May 4
Aleksey Borisovich Belinskiy, Jr, 48, writ
May 5
Eric E Childers, 62, fail to appear - misdemeanor 
Tristan Evan Vanwinkle, 31, 48-hour commit
Pavel Petrovich Kryshtal, 35, 72-hour commit
Kristie Ella May Denny, 48, passing bad check
David Etsell Denny, 50, passing bad check
May 6
Kathleen Virginia Carey, 49, driving while intoxicated
Alex James Farrens, 28, driving while intoxicated
Terrance Wayne Daniels, 56, driving while intoxicated
Shane Ray Renolds, 43, vehicle hijacking
Rodney Dale Smith, 37, failure to appear-felony (two counts)
Kristen Ranee Smallwood, 27, driving while intoxicated-chronic offender
May 7
Daniece Olene Clinton, 34, abuse or neglect of a child
Joseph Allen Grenz, Sr, 52, failure to appear-misdemeanor 
Shawn Allen Thompson, 40, 24-hour hold
Ryan Joseph Newton, 39, 14-day court ordered commit
Calls for Service
May 2
Corporal Logan Wake received a report of alleged child molestation between two juveniles. There is not enough evidence to support the allegations. This incident has been closed. 
Deputy Melanie Road took a report of trespassing.
May 3
Deputy Michael Pauly received a call of three stolen vehicles at County Road 2120 Pomona. 
Corporal Brian Jackson took a report of child abuse.
May 4
Deputy Roam received a report of theft from County Road 2340, Pomona. The reporting party advised tools were taken from his truck. 
May 5
Deputy Roam received a report of a person as missing. Officers located the subject and found them safe. 
Cpl. Jackson took a report of burglary and property damage from a residence on T highway.
May 6
Deputy Roam received a report of property damage on County Road 4910, Willow Springs.
Deputy Howell County Coroner Pauly received a call of death at County Road 3140, Mountain View.
May 7
Deputy James M. Wardrip received a call for a disturbance involving a weapon near County Road 1240, West Plains. He arrested on subject and placed them on a 24-hour hold pending formal charges for unlawful use of a weapon.
Corporal Matthew D. Roberts responded to County Road 8690, West Plains for a disturbance involving an altercation and a firearm. Dispatch advised one of the parties involved had been shot in the leg. Officers secured the scene and EMS transported the victim. This incident remains under investigation. 
May 8
Deputy Jordon Collins responded to a residence located on County Road 8580 to investigate a report of a missing person. This investigation is ongoing at this time. 
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