Howell County Sheriff

April 25
Jacob Aaron Sims, 32, driving while revoked/suspended, failure to appear (three counts), first degree property damage.
Devin Matthew Wright, 25, delivery of a controlled substance.
Nikolay P. Plyushchev, 42, second degree domestic assault (three counts), resisting arrest, stealing ($750 or more), stealing a motor vehicle.
Tyler Aaron Owen, 29, unlawful possession of a firearm.
Michael James Brown, 43, probation/parole violation.
April 26
Shanna Lynn Collins, 36, stealing.
Christina Byar Cates, 34, leaving the scene of an accident, stealing a motor vehicle.
April 27
Makenzie Naomi Martin, 19, peace disturbance.
Telesa Wadonna Peek, 60, seatbelt violation, driving while revoked/suspended, driving while intoxicated, failure to appear (two counts), failure to drive on the right side of the roadway, no proof of insurance.
April 28
William Adolph Huelsenbeck, 36, failure to appear, first degree motor vehicle tampering.
Nicholas Anthony Sims, 35, sentenced to Missouri Department of Corrections.
Brian Edward Mottus, 42, failure to appear, possession of a controlled substance.
Joshua Gregory DeJarnette, 38, second degree burglary, probation violation.
Billy Joe Greer, 41, possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest, unlawful possession of a firearm.
Danny Ray Wilcox, 32, failure to appear.
Herbert Odell Palmer, 63, littering.
April 29
Michael Bradley Gillham, 25, failure to appear (two counts).
Daniel Lee Tilley, 39, forgery.
Brianna Danielle Wake, 31, failure to appear.
Michael Lee Roberts, 39, stealing.
Jesse James Williams, 27, failure to appear.
Richard Dillon Ponder, 42, first degree drug trafficking.
Robert Alvin Dyer, 32, failure to register a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of an accident, careless and imprudent driving.
Vu Hoang Le, 32, second degree burglary (three counts), failure to appear, possession of cocaine.
April 30
Starla Lynn Dykes, 28, failure to appear.
Jessica Leone Jones, 37, driving while intoxicated, failure to appear.
Mitchell Lee Sanders, 29, probation violation.
Dustin Cole York, 26, fourth degree assault, third degree domestic assault.
May 1
Robin Lee George, 68, armed criminal action, first degree domestic assault, unlawful use of a weapon.
Odie Ray Belt, 32, parole violation.
May 2
Jeremy David Ward, 41, exceeding the speed limit.
David Christopher Herold, 50, failure to appear, unlawfully receiving an EBT card.
Michael Alan DeShazo, 48, failure to appear, possession of a controlled substance.
Tiffany Dawn Snow, 34, driving a commercial vehicle while revoked, exceeding the posted speed limit.
May 3
Ryan Lee Finley, 40, third degree domestic assault.
Derek Holden Palmer, 32, first degree domestic assault.
Wesley James Floyd Hanger, 21, stealing.
May 4
Jeffrey Chavez, 48, third degree domestic assault, failure to appear, resisting arrest.
Christopher Paul Farrar, 32, delivery of a controlled substance, failure to appear (two counts), possession of a controlled substance (two counts).
Serving Commitments
Jamie Carl Dulin, 42. Gary Martin Lindberg, 56. Brent Allen Turner, 29. Zachary Lee Parrish, 41. Daniel Allen Garza, 41. Kimberly Irene Hockman, 68. Amber Dawn Prewett, 25.
April 25
A verbal altercation was reported at a residence on County Road 6750 in West Plains. No criminal charges were filed.
A catalytic converter was reported stolen from a company vehicle at Great Rivers Distributing on County Road 1060. The case remains under investigation.
A court order violation was reported at a residence on U.S. Highway 160 in Caulfield.
A male subject reported that he was scammed out of $800. The suspect has not been identified.
A female subject was cited for driving without a valid license, during a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 63 in West Plains.
A male subject was placed on a twelve-hour safety hold, following a report of a disturbance on County Road 2770.
April 26
A male subject was issued a summons for driving while suspended, during a traffic stop on County Road 1350.
A truck was reported stolen on State Route 142 in Moody. The vehicle was quickly recovered and returned to the owner.
A male subject was cited for not having proof of insurance, during a traffic stop near Mega Motorsports in West Plains.
April 27
Contact was made with a male subject along State Route 17, following a report of a suspicious subject. The male was found to be in possession of a firearm and was also on parole. Charges were sent to the prosecutor for review.
A male subject reported the theft of one of his license plates.
A female subject came to the Sherriff’s Office to make a report of forgery. The matter is under investigation.
A woman reported a violation of a court order. Formal charges were sent to the county prosecutor.
April 28
A stolen motorcycle was located where it had been abandoned, at the intersection of County Road 8230 and 8620. The owner of the motorcycle responded to the area and took possession of it.
A theft was reported on County Road 6920 near West Plains.
A domestic disturbance involving a mother and son was reported on State Route Z. The woman stated that her son was very intoxicated and had ripped the phone out of her hands while she was trying to call law enforcement.
April 29
A dog bite was reported on Janice Street in West Plains. The owner of the animal stated that she would pay for medical expenses and keep a better eye on her dog.
April 30
A man reported that his vehicle was stolen at knife point by two people he had given a ride to. A vehicle that was believed to be the victim’s vehicle was found burned on State Route PP. The incident is under investigation.
A domestic assault was reported on County Road 7300. A report was taken from the victim, and charges were forwarded to the county prosecutor for review.
A domestic disturbance was reported on County Road 2770. No criminal charges were filed.
A domestic assault was reported on County Road 6690 in West Plains. Two victims had minor injuries. The suspect was located at a residence on Thayer Avenue and was taken into custody. Formal charges are pending.
A man and woman were taken into custody after an argument at a residence on State Route 137 in Willow Springs. During a verbal argument, the male subject fired a handgun to scare the female subject. The man was arrested with formal charges pending. The woman was arrested and placed on a twelve-hour safety detox hold.
May 2
A male subject reported that someone had cut the chain link fence around the water tower for Howell County Public Water in Pomona. A report was taken.
An individual came to the Howell County Sheriff’s Office to report someone passing bad checks. The matter is under investigation.
A burglary was reported in progress on Private Road 5123. Formal charges are pending.
May 3
A disturbance was reported on County Road 8810. One male subject was taken into custody for fourth degree domestic assault.
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