Howell County Sheriff's Office

May 1
Victor N. Plyushchev, 22, stealing firearm/explosive weapon/ammonium nitrate, stealing motor vehicle/watercraft/aircraft (two counts). 
May 3
Justin Albert Coffman, 39, first degree burglary, delivery of a controlled substance (two counts), second degree domestic assault, failure to appear (two counts). 
Amanda Jean Branscum, 35, failure to appear, probation violation. 
Lisa Marie Silva-Oropeza, 29, failure to wear a seatbelt, driving while revoked/suspended. 
Dakota Lee Farrell, 27, failure to appear (eleven counts), parole violation. 
Brandon Robert Murphy, 28, forgery (31 counts), identity theft or attempt (two counts), stealing (two counts). 
May 4
Jodie Marie Brock, 25, possession of a controlled substance (two counts), probation violation. 
Gerald Louis McAllister, 65, driving while intoxicated. 
Christopher Allen Ryerson, 36, driving while revoked/suspended, failure to appear (two counts). 
May 5
Ross William Wilson, 46, second degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon. 
Justin Lee Massey, 37, stealing, crossing state line with stolen property. 
May 6
Shannon Allen Collins, 31, armed criminal action (two counts), first degree burglary, first degree murder. 
Samantha Lynn Groves, 25, first degree burglary, first degree vehicle tampering. 
May 7
Bart J. Peterson, 46, first degree assault, probation/parole violation. 
Johnny Allen Owens, 19, failure to appear. 
Daniel Lee Tilley, 38, failure to appear, probation violation (two counts). 
May 8
Crystal D. Doran, 33, failure to appear. 
Amanda L. Brown, 30, probation/parole violation. 
May 9
Michele Lynne Forney, 34, failure to appear (two counts), possession of a controlled substance. 
Derrick Thomas Zitter, 31, failure to appear (two counts), possession of a controlled substance. 
Serving Commitments 
Amanda Jean Branscum, 35. Lisa Marie Silva-Oropeza, 29. Randy Keith Roberts, 53. 
Colt Harrison Perry, 23, driving while revoked/suspended. 
Joey Lee Lynn, 27, driving while revoked/suspended. 
May 1
An assault was reported at a residence on Private Road 5634 in Willow Springs. Both involved parties were separated when law enforcement arrived. Neither person had visible injuries, and both wished to pursue charges. 
May 2
A woman reported a domestic assault at a residence on State Route W in Mountain View. A report was taken, and charges were forwarded to the Howell County Prosecutor. 
A domestic assault was reported on State Route RA in Mountain View. A man and woman had gotten into a roadside fight, and wished to pursue charges against each other. Both were charged with third degree assault. 
An assault was reported on County Road 8270 in West Plains. The victim of the assault was given a state form to fill out, and both parties were advised to stay away from each other. 
A Brandsville man reported being threatened by his neighbor. The man stated that the neighbor had threatened to shoot the victim and his family. Follow up will be made with the suspect if additional threats take place. 
May 4
A report of a possibly deceased male was received from a residence on State Route E in Moody. 
A sexual assault complaint was received from a female student at Junction Hill School. Video footage from a bus camera showed the juvenile suspect talking inappropriately and touching the female student inappropriately. A probable cause statement will be sent to child services. 
An arrest was made during a traffic stop on State Route JJ in West Plains for driving while intoxicated. 
Thefts were reported from a vacant house on County Road 4660 in Pomona. A person of interest has been identified, and the investigation continues. 
May 5
Dogs were reported attacking livestock on Private Road 6922 in West Plains. The owner of the livestock told Deputy Benaiah Bishop that he shot the dogs that were attacking his livestock, and that one of the dogs belonged to his neighbor. The neighbor made multiple violent threats while speaking with Deputy Bishop and was arrested, pending formal charges for peace disturbance. 
May 6
A possible deceased male was reported at a residence on County Road 7770 in Pottersville. 
A domestic disturbance was reported at a residence on County Road 8690 in West Plains. A man stated that his ex-girlfriend came into his residence, and was verbally threatening him. 
May 9
A bull-shaped barbecue grill was reported stolen from a residence on County Road 8800 in West Plains. The owner of the grill stated that the grill is a life-sized replica of a longhorn bull.
May 10
Two horses were taken from a property on County Road 1280 in West Plains, and the owner has been charged with animal neglect. The owner had been given three weeks to provide proper care for the horses, and failed to do so. The horses were sent to a shelter for care and treatment. 
May 12
A subject in custody reported that his iPad had been stolen by his ex-girlfriend, while he was in custody. The Ozark County Sheriff’s Department was notified, since the woman lives in Ozark County. 
May 13
A West Plains woman reported the violation of a protection order. The matter is under investigation. 
A man reported that someone stole several yard lights from his lawn on Siloam Springs Road in West Plains. A report was taken, and extra patrol is planned in the area. 
May 14
A Pomona man reported the theft of a trailer from his residence on County Road 4650. The trailer was entered into the stolen vehicle database, and the investigation continues. 
May 15
A blue 2005 Honda Pilot was reported stolen in West Plains. The vehicle had not been located at report time and was entered into the stolen vehicle database. 
A West Plains woman reported that her daughter snuck out of the house and took her vehicle without her permission. The vehicle was returned when contact was made with the daughter’s boyfriend. 

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