Howell County Sheriff's Office

May 17
Sabrina Mae Desirae Denker, 30, failure to appear
Kimberly Kaye Green, 44, failure to appear
Anthony David Barton, 29, failure to appear, first degree kidnapping, first degree sodomy (five counts)
Frank Lee Roberts, delivery of a controlled substance (two counts)
May 18
Anthony James Storms, 55, failure to appear (three counts), stealing
Daniel Steven Keller, 51, failure to appear (five counts)
Gary James Ballew, 49, second degree burglary (two counts), failure to appear (four counts), resisting or interfering with arrest 
Melissa Dawn Ballew, 38, failure to appear (two counts)
Jacob Doyle Stark, 33, failure to appear (two counts), possession of marijuana
May 19
Daniel John Buckingham, 27, delivery of a controlled substance, unlawful use of a weapon
Bruce O’Neal Dobson, 39, driving while revoked/suspended
Tiffany Nicole Paschall, 32, failure to appear 
Eric B. Fisk, 44, probation violation
Wayne Patrick Hober, Jr., 30, failure to appear (two counts), probation violation, resisting or interfering with arrest
May 20
Melissa Dawn Schofield, 31, stealing 
Jefferey Thomas Sterling, 38, stealing
Shelton James Collins, 29, failure to appear, probation violation
Patricia Ann Clark, 44, exceeding the posted speed limit
May 17
A resident on County Road 2350 reported that a motorist intentionally struck and killed his service dog. The man stated that he had seen the dark blue Jeep Cherokee accelerate toward his dogs before. The suspect vehicle was not found in the area. Extra patrol is planned in the area. 
A report of an animal bite was reported on County Road 1710. The case remains open. 
A report of theft was received from a resident on State Route K near West Plains. After further investigation, the matter was determined to be a civil issue. 
May 19
A motorcyclist was stopped on U.S. Highway 160 in West Plains after committing a traffic offense. The male subject was arrested, pending formal charges of possession of a controlled substance, and unlawful possession of a firearm. 
A domestic disturbance was reported at a home on County Road 3080. An adult female victim reported that she was assaulted by a juvenile female suspect. The matter was referred to the Juvenile Office. 
The Howell County Sheriff’s Office received a referral regarding a child base hotline report. A female child had indicated that a boy had touched her inappropriately. Further investigation found that the incident had occurred in another state, and had previously been handled by authorities in that state. 
An out-of-control juvenile was reported at a residence on County Road 7200. The child’s mother reported that the actions of her daughter had reached a point that she could no longer handle. The matter was forwarded to the Juvenile Office for review and handling. 
May 20
A report was received of a deceased person at a home on County Road 5250 in Willow Springs. No foul play was detected, and the death was determined to be of natural causes. 
A Pomona resident reported that someone broke into his shop building on County Road 4450. A report was taken. 
Two individuals on State Route AB in West Plains reported that a person, whom they know, had discharged a firearm in their direction in an angry or threatening manner. Charges against the suspect have been forwarded to the Howell County Prosecutor. 
Calls for Service
Vehicle stop - 60, civil process service/paper service - 51, extra patrol - 15, miscellaneous - 14, warrant/arrest - 13, agency assist - 12, suspicious subject - 8, 911 hang up call - 8, alarm/residential or business - 7, case follow up - 6, stealing - 5, disturbance - 5, weapon offense - 4, animal - 4, stranded motorist - 3, suspicious vehicle - 3, burglary - 3, well-being check - 3, found property - 3, mentally impaired subject - 3, property damage - 3, prisoner transport - 2, trespassing - 2, lost property - 2, death investigation - 2, domestic/adult abuse - 2, harassment/threats - 2, peace disturbance - 2, civil standby - 1, stalking - 1, sex offense - 1, DWI - 1, careless and imprudent driving - 1, missing person - 1, civil matter - 1, auto theft - 1, recovered stolen property - 1, log plate or person - 1, drug offense - 1. 

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