Mountain View Police

April 22
Anthony Vigliaturo, 21, Winona, lighting violation.
Theodore Brown, 34, Mountain View, lighting violation.
April 24
Chastity Hawkins, 34, West Plains, driving while intoxicated, careless and imprudent driving.
April 25
Kenneth Coolbaugh, 30, Mountain View, failure to display state license plates.
Jacob Cernetisch, 25, Mountain View, lighting violation.
Jason Bay, 40, Mountain View, failure to display state license plates.
Stacy Hannaford, 37, Cabool, lighting violation.
April 27
James Townsend, 43, West Plains, lighting violation.
Jonathan Valbert, 25, Moody, failure to display state license plates.
Dandy Vanskike, 27, Shelbyville, lighting violation.
April 28
Richard Cole, 23, Mountain View, lighting violation.
Harry Shaffer, 53, Pomona, lighting violation.
Lance Brinkam, 46, Mountain View, lighting violation.
Erik Warren, 33, Cuba, lighting violation.
Calls for Service
April 25
A complaint was received of a theft of a check. The subject was provided with a complaint form.
A customer at Signal reported being homeless and needing a place to stay. The person was given information about area shelters.
Assistance was given to the Shannon County Sheriff's Office in response to a stabbing incident.
A report was received of a motorcycle driving dangerously on U.S. Highway 60. The motorcycle was not located in the area.
A report was received of a dirt bike, a pickup and a jeep that were chasing each other and driving at excessive speeds. The reported vehicles were not located.
A loose dog was reported on First Street. The owner of the animal was given a warning and was advised to put up the animal.
A resident on Fourth Street reported that they believed some neighborhood kids were banging on her door. No one was located in the area of the report.
An alarm was activated at Dollar General. The building was checked and was found to be secure.
Anchor reported that a vehicle left without paying for more than $100 in fuel.
A resident on Belmont reported seeing flashlights in a wooded area near his home. A trail was found in the wooded area, but no one was located in the area.
A bag containing a white crystalline substance was located near the doors of Walmart. The bag was taken into possession by police.  
A male subject was reported causing a disturbance on State Route W.
An excessively noisy vehicle was report on Delp Road.  
April 26
A caregiver requested assistance with a disgruntled patient. The caregiver stated that they wanted to put the patient on a 96-hour hold. EMS arrived on scene and assisted with the patient.
Traffic was blocked on U.S. Highway 60 so that new electric lines could be installed.
A male subject reported seeing young children walking around town by themselves.
A two-vehicle accident was reported on South State Route 17. The vehicles were not found in the area.
April 27
A woman contacted police about her son being located in Mountain View. The caller was provided with information.
A report was received of a male subject tampering with a washing machine at the laundromat on Seventh Street. The man was given a warning for the incident.
A male juvenile who had been reported missing was located at Malone’s Motel. The juvenile was taken into custody, pending pickup by his parents.
April 28
A loud truck was reported on Belmont. The vehicle was not able to be located.
Malone’s Motel reported smelling marijuana smoke coming from one of their rooms. Contact was made with the occupant of the room and the person presented a medical marijuana card, along with a legally prescribed quantity of marijuana.
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