Mountain View Police

Christie Morgan, 42, Jonesboro, Ar., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Marvel Shields, 64, Birch Tree, lighting violation. 
Hunter Ritter, 18, Marble HIll, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Glenna Brown, 67, Mountain View, lighting violation. 
Preston Carpenter-Ford, 18, Brighton, failure to drive on the right half of the roadway. 
October 23
Glenda Grandstaff, 64, Pomona, failure to drive  on the right half of the roadway. 
Dean Collin, 27, Saint Cloud, Fl., failure to use turn signal. 
Nicholas Sharr, 19, Mountain View, lighting violation. 
October 24
Jeremy Bendell, 44, (address undisclosed), lighting violation. 
October 26
David Wilson, 46, Bethel, trespassing. 
October 28
Chrystal Herpst, 31, Summersville, failure to display state license plates. 
Tawnya Meyer, 37, West Plains, failure to display state license plates. 
October 29
Sherry Rohrer, 41, Mountain View, lighting violation. 
Joshua Phillips, 27, Harriman, Tenn., lighting violation. 
October 30
Gregory Johnson, 50, Birch Tree, sale to minor. 
Lisa Reihm-Hornbeck, 52, Mountain View, impeding the flow of traffic. 
November 1
Alexes Latimer, 22, Mountain View, driving while intoxicated. 
November 2
James Dyson, 42, Mountain View, seatbelt violation. 
Patsy Pruett, 27, Mountain View, seatbelt violation. 
November 3
Teresia Huddleston, 62, Birch Tree, lighting violation. 
Jamie Tasker, 53, Birch Tree, lighting violation. 
Michelle Funk, 48, Florissant, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Lisa Demry, 54, (city of residence not listed), lighting violation. 
Tawnya Meyer, 37, West Plains, failure to display state license plates. 
November 4
Jesse Williford, 39, Mountain View, dog at large. 
Scott Barnett, 35, Mountain View, stop sign violation, careless and imprudent driving, failure to yield to an emergency vehicle, failure to display state license plates, driving while intoxicated. 
Calls for Service 
October 25
A man came to the police department with an identification card that he found at the laundromat. The item was placed in lost and found. 
A man was reported walking in the road on South Elm. The man was not located. 
A disturbance was reported in the SBU parking lot. A male subject was taken into custody. 
An aggressive dog was reported on Stub Street. The owner of the dog was given a warning, when the animal was returned by animal control. 
An evicted tenant of Valley View Apartments was attempting to enter an apartment. The woman was told to contact the apartment manager. 
October 26
A well-being check was conducted at a residence on West 3rd. The man at the residence appeared to be fine, and not a danger to himself. 
A barking dog was reported on East 1st. The animal could not be located. 
A resident on West 4th requested extra patrol for suspicious activity and property damage. 
A well-being check was requested for a female subject on 2nd Street. Contact could not be made with the woman. 
October 27
A noise complaint was reported at Valley View Apartments. Contact was unable to be made with the offender. The reporting party stated that they would contact the building manager. 
A fuel theft was reported by Anchor. Charges are pending. 
October 30
The Missouri State Highway Patrol requested confirmation of a warrant. The information was faxed to the Howell County Sheriff’s Office. 
A one-vehicle accident occurred on 1st Street. There were no injuries. 
November 1
A report was received of juveniles messing with an electrical box. The area was checked, but the kids could not be located. 
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