Mountain View Police

July 29
Kira Petersen, 29, Mountain View, driving with no valid driver’s license.
July 31
James Masters, 34, Jackson, exceeding the posted speed limit, 11 to 15 mph over.
Kelsey Vaneyl-Godin, 28 Savannah, Ga., exceeding the posted speed limit, 11 to 15 mph over.
Jayna Taylor 26, Wappapelo, exceeding the posted speed limit, 6 to 10 mph over.
Nicholas Cooley, 21, Mountain View, exceeding the posted speed limit, 11 to 15 mph over; failure to show proof of insurance.
August 1
Gary Tune, 59, Mountain View, exceeding the posted speed limit, 6 to 10 mph over.
Jaclyn Clay, 42, Alton, exceeding the posted speed limit, 11 to 15 mph over.
James Darrah, 36, Willow Springs, driving while under the influence of alcohol; driving while suspended or revoked.
August 2
Roxanne Brooks, 42, Mountain View, seatbelt.
August 4
Rebecca Mitchell, 44, Mountain View, exceeding the posted speed limit, 11 to 15 mph over.
Wilda Weaver, 84, Mountain View, failure to yield to emergency vehicle.
Angelia Alcorn, 35, Mountain View, failure to register motor vehicle.
Milissa Stone, 37, Birch Tree, failure to display state plates.
Incidents/Calls for service
July 26
A reporting party returned a complaint form.
An individual called with a question about a scooter.
A domestic incident was reported at McDonald’s. Upon arrival, the officers found no one had been hit and all three individuals ran into Wal-Mart and hid.
Officers were dispatched for a woman trying to get into a back door on East Sixth Street. The reporting party has an order of protection against the woman who was trespassing. The woman was taken into custody.
The K9 unit was deployed to a traffic stop on U.S. Highway 60.
Officers were called after a cow went through the golf course and may have gotten mixed in with another group of cows.
Officers were called for an assault in progress, but both parties refused to file a report.
Officers responded to a roadside assist on eastbound U.S. Highway 60.
The K9 unit was deployed to assist the Missouri State Highway Patrol.
July 27
An individual wanted to speak to someone about an officer driving too fast in town.
A woman requested extra patrol due to someone speeding on her private drive. She was advised to call the county since she lives outside the city limits.
A woman asked for an officer to come remove 20 cats from her residence. She was advised to call the county since she lives outside the city limits.
A summons was issued after an individual failed to stop for a stoplight. Pursuit was terminated and the vehicle was later found wrecked on County Road 3670. The driver was taken for medical treatment.
A caller reported someone was trying to get in her door and asked for extra patrol on East Seventh Street.
Mountain View Health Care on North Ash asked for extra patrol.
Officers were asked to do a well-being check on North Ash. The individual complained of chest pain but denied medical treatment.
A well-being check was requested on North Ash for a woman who had passed out. The woman was awake, but had a previous altered mental status and had suicidal tendencies. Officers were called back to the residence later after the woman threatened to harm herself, saying she had weapons. She also had called stating she was going to attack the neighbor, who had information on her cousin’s death. The woman was later found in Veterans Park after an overdose.
Officers were asked to do a well-being check on a man on David Drive. The caller believed he was at high risk for suicide. Contact was made and the man was fine.
July 28
Officers were called to Casey’s for a man sitting beside the ice machine, eating and using the wifi.
July 29
Officers were called to Casey’s for an individual knocking on the door when the store wasn’t open and sleeping outside the business. He was asked to leave.
A business on Tom Frommel Memorial Drive reported a destroyed mailbox.
Officers were called to Malone’s for a woman who was outside yelling and cussing. They wanted her removed from the property.
A business on West Second reported an ex-employee had reported a company credit card stolen. 
Officers were called to Bay Street for the smell of marijuana, but on investigation, nothing was found.
Two men asked for assistance in resolving a property dispute with a stepmother. No contact was made with the individual.
July 30
An iPhone 13 Pro Max and a men’s wallet were dropped off at the police department after being located on Elm Street. The owner was contacted.
Officers received a report regarding a bear that had been coming into a yard.
July 31
Officers were dispatched to State Route W near County Road 3040 for a report of a tree in the road. The tree was blocking both sides of the road. Traffic control was provided for the fire department to clear the tree.
A woman on Mona Street requested that a dog be removed after it knocked down her fence.
A brown bear was reported on Kansas Street but was gone on officer arrival.
A golden retriever was reported lost; the issue was turned over to animal control.
August 1
An individual reported a dead deer in the road, just past Sonic traveling west.
A woman asked for a wellness check on her father, who lives outside the city. She was given the phone number for the sheriff’s office.
Officers responded to a residential alarm sounding, but the report was unfounded.
A well-being check was requested by BHC of West Plains. The business reported a call with a man cussing at a woman, followed by a loud noise and the phone being disconnected. Upon officer arrival, everything was fine.
A woman on State Route Y asked for an officer to look at her apartment because she thought someone had tried to break in.
Two women went to the police department and said they saw someone trying to get into their home on Belmont Street. The individual was gone upon officer arrival.
August 2
Officers responded to a possible domestic disturbance after hearing yelling and screaming at the house across from the police department. 
Extra patrol was requested on Fifth Street due to a recent break-in.
A caller wanted to know if a man had been trying to get into houses by pretending to be an appraiser.
Assistance was requested at Signal for a lady who needed help putting air into a tire.
August 3
A woman asked for someone to contact Mountain View Propane. She wished to report a propane leak but couldn’t get through on the business’ emergency line. Contact was made with the owner, and he said he would go check it out.
A traffic stop was made on State Route Y and the woman was issued a summons for not wearing a seat belt and was arrested on city warrants.
A well-being check was requested for a man in apartments on East Seventh Street. The man was found to be fine.
A report of shoplifting was received from Apple Market. The manager reported a woman put a bunch of stuff in her bag. He tried to stop her and took a photo of her vehicle’s license plate. The woman was stopped later and taken into custody.
August 4
Property damage was reported by an individual who parked his tractor-trailer overnight. When he returned in the morning, someone had smashed the front of it.
A woman requested extra patrol on East Seventh Street, saying someone had been trying to break in for two weeks.
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