Mountain View Police

December 3
Derick Cook, 30, Summersville, lighting violation. 
Joshua Hinote, 34, Peace Valley, failure to register a motor vehicle. 
December 4
Jentry Acklin, 18, Mountain View, careless and imprudent driving. 
Trina Frazier, 41, Mountain View, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
December 9
Steven Mitchell, 19, Mountain View, excessive/unnecessary vehicle noise. 
Larry Bales, 71, Mountain View, driving while intoxicated. 
December 10
Dakota Patton, 19, West Plains, careless and imprudent driving. 
Alexandra Mills, 47, Mountain View, property damage. 
December 11
Harold Miller, 68, Peace Valley, failure to use turn signal. 
Gage Sisco, 18, Alton, driving while intoxicated. 
December 12
Donny Gall, 31, Mountain View, property damage. 
Calls for Service 
December 3
A disturbance was reported on 7th Street. Two individuals who had been in a verbal altercation were asked to lower their voices. 
A report of a disturbance with a possible gunshot was reported on State Route W. The sound was an aerosol can that had been thrown into a fire and exploded. The individuals were advised to use more caution and lower their volume. 
December 4
A male subject reported issues with his bank. The male was advised to continue contact with his bank to resolve the issue. 
A caller requested information on a female subject that had been arrested earlier in the week. 
A road rage incident was reported on U.S. Highway 60. The incident, which had occurred outside of the city limits, was referred to the Howell County Sheriff’s Office. 
A male subject reported suspicious activity in multiple neighborhoods. Contact was made with the suspicious individuals. 
A well-being check was requested for a male subject that was sitting in his car at Veteran’s Park. The male stated that he was fine and was just enjoying the nice weather. 
A possible fire was reported on Davis Drive. No fire was found in the area. 
A barricade on East U.S. Highway 60 had been struck by a vehicle and moved from the roadway. 
A woman reported that she had seen her stolen vehicle driving by her home. The vehicle was not located in the area. 
A caller reported that her truck was missing, and that she had not seen it in some days. She was provided a complaint form. 
A resident on West 1st Street reported that children next door had shot out the sliding glass back door. Contact was made with the parents of the children. The father of the children stated that he would replace the glass. 
December 5
A resident requested extra patrol on South Marr. 
A suspicious vehicle was reported in the back parking lot of a church on State Route Y. 
A loose dog was reported on Belmont. Contact was made with the owner of dog, and the owner was advised to secure the animal. 
A woman at an apartment building on Ash was reported to possibly be having a stroke. The woman was taken by ambulance for medical treatment. 
Multiple callers inquired about a possible situation at the high school. The callers were advised that police were aware of the situation and were looking into it. 
December 6
Contact was made with a male subject who was known to have active warrants. The male was taken into custody. 
A male that was found lying on the ground at West Plains Bank was taken by EMS for medical treatment. 
A well-being check was requested by a caller’s ex-wife, who had custody of their child. The woman could not be located. 
A dispute between a customer and management at Malone’s Motel was reported. The issue was found to be a civil matter. 
A woman came to the police department for supervised visitation with DFS. 
The manager of Walmart came to the police department to drop off security footage for an active case. 
A woman asked for directions to a local woman’s shelter. 
December 8
A woman called with a possible lead on her stolen vehicle. The vehicle was not located. 
A call was received of an elderly woman who was locking herself inside a residence and making suicidal threats. Contact was made with the woman, who appeared fine. 
Assistance was given to a motorist who ran out of gas. 
A vehicle struck a concrete structure at Anchor. Minor damage was reported on the vehicle, with no damage reported to the property. There were no injuries. 
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