Mountain View Police

January 7
Maxine Stark, 49, Birch Tree, lighting violation. 
Jerry Denton, 55, Birch Tree, lighting violation. 
January 8
Elijah Bales, 18, Mountain View, failure to register a motor vehicle. 
January 9
Cassandra Bollinger, 34, Scott City, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Olivia Basham, 23, Summersville, lighting violation. 
Austin Roberts, 21, Mountain View, lighting violation. 
January 11
Wesley Easterberg, 54, Fremont, failure to display state license plates. 
Ike Reese, 78, Mountain View, failure to register a motor vehicle. 
Austin Hughes, 27, Springfield, lighting violation. 
January 12
Bonnie Saffell, 71, Mountain View, driving while intoxicated. 
January 13
Larry Pribble, 42, West Plains, third degree assault. 
Calls for Service
January 7
Assistance was given to the Missouri State Highway Patrol with a vehicle search on Marr. 
A noise complaint was made on Ash. The offending party was asked to lower the volume of their music. 
January 10
Officers responded to an alarm on Oak Street. Upon arrival, it was discovered that a bird had gotten into the building. The bird was let out of the building, and the building was secured. 
A resident on 2nd Street reported that a vehicle had been driving by her house and causing a disturbance. Extra patrol was requested in the area. 
January 11
A reckless driver was reported in the Signal parking lot. The driver was gone upon officer arrival. The vehicle later returned to Signal but was parked at the business. No reckless driving was observed. 
The Missouri State Highway Patrol called to confirm a stolen vehicle entry. The vehicle was confirmed to be stolen, and the requesting agency was notified. 
Contact was made with a resident on Delp, advising that her stolen vehicle had been recovered. The woman was given information on the where the vehicle could be located. 
Assistance was given to South Howell County Ambulance to drop off a patient at Brookview Apartments. 
January 12
A runaway minor was reported on South Marr. The minor later returned home. 
A gas theft was reported at Anchor. A report was taken. 
An intoxicated driver was reported at the Walmart parking lot. Contact was made with the driver, who was arrested for driving while intoxicated. 
A disturbance was reported on South Marr. Contact was made, and the issue was resolved. 
January 13
Child services requested that an officer come along for a child check. Assistance was given. 
A possible domestic disturbance was reported on State Route Y. The alleged victim had left the scene upon officer arrival, and no victim or witnesses came forward. No charges were filed. 
Malone’s Motel reported guests that would not leave a room. When an officer arrived, an employee stated that they had worked it out with the guests, and that police intervention was no longer needed. 
Assistance was requested for EMS at a location on County Road 3140. Upon arrival, EMS was leaving and did not need assistance. 
A non-injury accident was reported in the Walmart parking lot. Information and reports were taken from the involved drivers. 
Damage to a taillight by a child was reported on 1st Street. Arrangements were made to get the taillight repaired. 
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