Mountain View Police Department

January 21
Doolin Youngblood, Birch Tree, unlawful use of a weapon (possession of a weapon and a controlled substance), possession of a controlled substance except 35 grams or less of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoid, and driving under the influence of drugs
January 18
Michelle Martin, Mountain View, failed to drive on the right half of the road
January 19
Gary Bradley, Mountain View, failure to register motor vehicle 
Pete Shott, West Plains, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia
January 22
Officers investigated the fraudulent use of a credit/debit device on West US Highway 60. 
Calls for Service
January 18
Officer Gregory Abney responded to a report of a child custody dispute at Walmart. The officer told the mother to give the child back to the father and invited all the parties to go to the police station to work out the situation with the help of family services. The parents did not show up to the police station.
Officer Abney was called to Smoker’s Outlet for a report of left. A subject had stolen an employee’s wallet and had used two of the credit cards and a debit card.
January 19
Officer Abney was called to an address on East Second St. by a woman who wanted to report being harassed. She was being called names. The officer was called to respond to a report of a missing juvenile at the same time. He responded to the incident with the juvenile, and in the meantime the harassed woman called back and cancelled her request for help. The other party had stopped calling her names. 
Officer Abney responded to an address on E. Third St. for a report of a woman who had possibly overdosed. She was taken to the hospital by EMS. 
January 23
Corporal Trenton Roberts was dispatched to Malone’s Motel for a report of a disturbance involving two people chasing each other around the parking lot. Contact was made with both parties, and they were both issued citations for various offenses. 
Corporal Roberts was contacted by DFS in Wright County who requested him to check the wellbeing of three children located in Mountain View. A family member drove the children to the police station, and Corporal Roberts found the children to be in good health. 
A woman came to the police department to report a motor vehicle accident. The crash had occurred the day before and was not reported at the time it happened. The reporting party requested an informational report.

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