Mountain View Police Department

March 5
Tia Mansfield, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, misdemeanor; possession of cannabinoid of 10 grams or less, misdemeanor
March 6
Christopher Dean Wake, domestic assault, third degree, first or second offense, misdemeanor; resisting or interfering with an arrest for a felony, felony; assault, fourth degree, misdemeanor
March 3 
Joe Norris, Winona, stealing, value less than $150 with no prior stealing offense, misdemeanor
March 5
Tia Mansfield, Mountain View, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, amphetamine or methamphetamine, felony; possession of marijuana or synthetic cannabinoid of 10 grams or less, misdemeanor
March 6 
Roxanne Brooks, Mountain View, operated vehicle on highway without a valid license, first offense, misdemeanor; failure to register motor vehicle annually, misdemeanor; failure to show proof of insurance
Alexander George Albers, Mountain View, failed to give signal or gave improper signal when stopping or turning
March 2
A traffic stop of a white Dodge resulted in a field arrest and three citations for traffic violations
March 7
An officer was dispatched for a vehicle break-in, resulting in a field arrest for felony stealing, larceny.
Calls for Service
March 1 
A man called to report his daughter’s backpack had been stolen at the high school. He was advised to call Shannon County to file a report.
March 3
Officer Timothy Gordon responded to Malone’s Motel for a call of an electric pole smoking. It was discovered that the smoke was coming near a wood furnace nearby. 
March 5
Corporal Trenton Roberts was dispatched to the east James St. apartments for a well-being check on a female. Contact was made and no assistance was needed. 
A man came into the police department to ask for directions to a business address. He was provided with the directions.
Corporal Roberts responded to a request for a well-being check on Nina Lane but the person had been placed in a nursing home after a recent hospital visit.
March 6
A woman called to report noises outside her residence.
March 7
A woman called regarding retrieving property from the lost and found. The woman stated she would have a friend pick it up. The purse was returned.
Corporal Roberts was dispatched to west Second St. for a vehicle break-in. Property was stolen and a report was taken.
A woman reported her vehicle was broken into.  No property was taken and no report created at the time.
Corporal Roberts responded to east Fifth St. to speak with a woman regarding moving out of an incidence, but was unable to make contact with her.

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