Mountain View Police Department

My 10
Linda Farrar, creating or maintaining a public nuisance. 
May 11
Amanda Rainbolt, failure to display state license plates. 
May 12
Terry L. Cook, lighting violation. 
May 13
Anastasia Rodriguez, lighting violation. 
May 15
Steven Karnes, lighting violation. 
Garrett Tucker, speeding in a school zone. 
May 16
Michael Ray Lawrence, failure to register a motor vehicle. 
Calls for Service 
May 10
A report was received of someone trying to break in to Brookview Apartments. The area was checked, and the doors were secured. 
May 11
Contact was made with a caller who reported that their car may have been moved. 
May 13
A caller reported that someone might try to accuse him of stealing their license plates. 
A caller reported people dressed in skeleton costumes were loitering in a yard on David Drive. The subjects were gone on arrival. 
Shannon County officials requested a report of information from the emergency room at Mercy Clinic. 
May 15
A female caller reported that she thought someone was trying to steal her car. She was advised to keep the vehicle locked at all times. 
A reckless driver was reported in the Valley View parking lot. The vehicle was not located. 
A woman reported that she believed someone broke into her home, took her car keys, and drove her car without her permission. The woman stated that she also believed that the same person returned the car, and broke into her home to replace the keys. No evidence was found to support the claim. 
An outside agency requested a copy of a report from 2006 or 2007. 
A well-being check was conducted at Valley View. Contact was made with a female subject, and no assistance was required. 
A domestic disturbance was reported by an occupant at Honeysuckle Inn. The offenders were contacted and advised to tone it down. 
A female subject presented fake identification at Viandel Vineyard. The fake identification was confiscated. 
Information was given that a woman coming to Mountain View had an active warrant. The female was not able to be located. 
A woman reported that she believed someone was poisoning stray cats in town. No evidence was found to support the claim. 
A male caller stated that he witnessed a female trespassing at an apartment complex on East James. 
An officer was dispatched to Valley View Apartments for a woman expressing that she was having homicidal and suicidal thoughts. The woman requested to go to the stress unit. 
An ATM alarm sounded on North Elm. The scene was secured. 

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