Mountain View Police Department

May 24
Via Ellsworth, driving while revoked/suspended
May 25
Jerry Ellis, speeding in a school zone
May 26
Katibeth R. Davis, lighting violation
May 27
Jordan D. Lee, driving while revoked/suspended, other plates prohibited, failure to maintain financial responsibility, failure to register a motor vehicle
Christopher A. Ellet, harassment
Richard King, possession of drug paraphernalia
May 28
Luke Parrish, lighting violation
Crystal Abbott, lighting violation
Alexandreah Herbert, lighting violation
Damon Colvin, exceeding the posted speed limit
Michelle Burks, lighting violation
Amber Rose Bradshaw, lighting violation
Hunter Dennison, lighting violation 
Jacob Hercher, lighting violation 
Jeffrey Logan Thomason, exceeding the posted speed limit 
Samantha Huffman, lighting violation 
Marvin Joseph Mitchell, lighting violation 
May 29
Guyton Lee Thomas Derryberry, lighting violation 
Devyn Ashlee Reed, failure to register a motor vehicle
May 31
David A. Specker, exceeding the posted speed limit 
Joshua L. Shelton, seatbelt violation 
William Dalton Grammer, failure to register a motor vehicle
Calls for Service 
May 17
A caller reported that they believed someone was poisoning cats. 
May 18
A woman called about her son. She was advised that he was transported to the Howell County Sheriff’s Office. 
A well-being check was requested for a resident. Contact was made with the resident, and everything was fine. 
Shannon County reported a reckless driver. No further information was found. 
May 19
A teenager was reportedly cornered by two aggressive dogs on Sarah Street. The owner of the dogs secured the animals. 
A homeless man was reported picking up change in the McDonald’s drive-through. The man was asked to leave the property. 
A possible overdose of a 17-year-old female was reported on North Ash. 
An abandoned vehicle was reported left in a driveway on North Ash. The vehicle was towed. 
A fuel theft was reported at the Anchor convenience store. A report was given, and cameras will be reviewed. 
May 20
A well-being check was requested for a male subject in the area of East First and Maple. The male was unable to be located. 
May 21
A resident on Mann reported that someone knocked on their door and then ran away. The resident had video footage of the incident. 
A dog was reported inside a parked car in the Apple Market parking lot. The vehicle was gone on arrival. 
West Plains Police Department requested information about a subject that the Mountain View Police Department had made contact with. 
A well-being check was conducted at a home on Delp Rd. 
A domestic disturbance was reported at a residence on North Marr. 
An alarm sounded at a business on 5th Street. A worker had entered an incorrect code, and the alarm went off before he could correct it. 
A call was received about cats being poisoned. 
City Hall requested an officer be present for residents coming to City Hall that were upset about their electricity being turned off. 
Downtown businesses were advised to check for damage on roofs, after kids were reported being on roofs downtown. 
A verbal domestic was reported at McDonald’s. 
May 22
A caller reported a passenger holding up a sign in a vehicle that was headed toward Mountain View. The caller requested a well-being check. The vehicle could not be located. 
A stolen vehicle was reported on Woolsey. While attempting to make contact with the caller, the vehicle was returned. 
A disturbance was reported at the James Street apartments. One subject was arrested for driving while intoxicated. 
The Missouri State Highway Patrol brought a male subject to the police department to post bond on a Shannon County warrant. Bond was posted, and the male was released. 
A resident on Falck reported the violation of an ex parte. 
Assistance was provided to the fire department for a fire on West U.S. Highway 60. 
Contact was made with a subject who reported being stalked. A courtesy ride was given to the subject’s home. The home was checked and secured, and the subject was advised to contact the police if the stalking persisted. 
May 23
Howell County advised that a a report of a nude male subject walking on U.S. Highway 60 had been received. The male subject, who had been reported to be walking from Montier to Mountain View, was not located. 
A caller reported that a woman and her daughter were in a white van, driving from east of Mountain View, and were being chased in another vehicle by the woman’s ex. The caller stated that the suspect vehicle had rammed the woman’s van several times. Neither vehicle was located. 
Officer Greg Abney responded to an alarm at a local business. 
A man called to see if he had a warrant for not being able to make a court date. 
Mail was reportedly thrown into the street near the youth center. 
A dead deer was removed from the roadway on U.S. Highway 60.  
A woman contacted the police department about her dog that had run away. The woman was attempting to locate her dog. 
A woman dropped the front end of her car into the ditch while trying to turn around on State Route 17. 
A traffic accident was reported on State Route 17. 
A subject reported some strange activity on Ash St. The subject was advised to contact the police department, if they needed assistance. 
A suspicious person was reported at the Anchor convenience store. The subject was arrested after being found to be in possession of drug paraphernalia. The subject was then booked and released. 
My 24
A caller reported that they believed items that had been stolen from them were being sold online. The caller was advised to contact the Howell County Sheriff’s Office, as the items were listed outside of the city limits. 
May 25
A well-being check was requested for a female subject on East James St. The woman requested to be taken to the hospital. 
An out-of-control female subject was reported on East Seventh St. The female claimed down, and requested to be taken to the hospital for evaluation. 
A caller requested resources for a mental evaluation for a relative. 
A caller reported information from a traffic accident that had occurred earlier in the day at the Wal-Mart parking lot. 
May 26
A caller requested information from an accident report. 
A caller inquired about a grandson’s driver’s license that had been left at the police department. 
Officer Stetson Schwien assisted with patient security for a male patient at Mercy ER. 
Extra patrol was requested on Maplewood for kids riding ATVs in a reckless manner. 
An alarm was accidentally triggered by employees at Wal-Mart. 
A well-being check was requested on Elm St. Contact was made with the subject, who stated that she had not been able to make it to work or contact her employer for a couple of days. Otherwise, the subject was fine. The information was relayed to the employer. 
May 27
A well-being check was requested on Seventh St. The subject was not located. 
A female was reportedly being harassed over the phone by a male subject. The male was contacted, and was advised to not contact the woman. A report was taken from the woman. 
A female subject requested the removal of a woman from Valley View Apartments. The woman was advised that the landlord was the only person who could evict a tenant. 
An alarm sounded at a local business. An employee accidentally triggered the alarm. 
May 28
Construction work set off an alarm at a local business. The manager reset the alarm. 
A male subject was reported sleeping on a bench in front of the library. The man was told that he could not sleep on the bench. 
A reckless driver was reported on U.S. Highway 60, coming from Willow Springs to Mountain View. The responding officer had to break off  a pursuit for a call of a possible abduction of a teenager. 
The driver of a gold Dodge truck attempted to pick up a 13-year-old girl on James St. 
Assistance was given to EMS with a medical call on Ridgeway. 
May 29
A stray dog was reported and picked up on Ridgeway. 
A fuel theft was reported at the Anchor convenience store. No vehicle information or video was available at the time of the report. 
May 30
An ATV was reported driving recklessly on County Road 3500. The ATV was not located. 
A resident on Marr reported seeing a shadow outside that they believed to be a person “messing around”. No one was found on the scene. 

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