Mountain View Police Department

June 25
Michael James Goodwin, trespassing. 
James Shelton Walker, failure to maintain financial responsibility. 
June 26
Randall J. Loucks, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana. 
Raymond James Fiske, possession of drug paraphernalia. 
Calls for Service 
June 21
Staff at Honeysuckle Inn reported people smoking marijuana behind the building. No one was found in the area. 
EMS requested entry to a building and a lift assist on Delp Road. 
June 22
Officer Timothy Gordon responded to a report of a man trying to take a baby away the baby’s mother. Officer Gordon was able to resolve the dispute and assistant the man in finding a men’s shelter, since the man was homeless. 
A caller reported concern after seeing two small children with a woman who appeared to be impaired. The area was searched, but the woman and children were not found. 
A caller reported a stray dog in their yard on Vonallmen. Animal control responded to the location. 
Letters had been sent to property owners who were in violation of a city ordinance for grass height. The property owners mowed their grass after receiving the letters. 
June 23
A resident on Belmont reported that someone was trying to call their dog away from their yard. The area was checked, but no suspect was located. 
Officer Timothy Gordon responded to the hospital for a patient who was trying to leave, while still under the effects of narcotics. The patient was convinced to stay at the hospital until they could drive safely. 
A group of teens was gathered at the car wash. Contact was made by officer Lisa Noble, and no concerns were found. 
An out-of-control female was reported at a residence on East Third. 
June 24
The Missouri State Highway Patrol called to confirm a warrant. The warrant was active, and the Missouri State Highway Patrol was advised. 
Officer Trenton Roberts was dispatched to Mona Street for a medical call. A female subject was transported to the hospital by EMS. 
A well-being check was requested for a male subject at Malone’s Motel. Contact was made with the male subject, and information was given to the reporting party. 
June 25
An arrestee came to the police department to post bond. A physical domestic disturbance was reported on Delp Road. 
A woman called, wishing to file a missing person report. The person lived outside of the city limits and was advised to contact the Howell County Sheriff’s Office. 
A well-being check was conducted at a residence on East James. 
June 26
A woman reported items being stolen from her car while it was parked at Honeysuckle Inn. 
Medical assistance was requested on Harrison Street. 
A complaint was reported about cars being parked along the edge of the highway for an auction that was occurring. 
A female caller on Sixth Street reported that a male subject would not leave her home. 
A verbal domestic was reported on North Ash. 
A traffic crash occurred near the post office. Both involved parties arrived at the police department to report the accident. 
A caller inquired about the ordinance on fireworks. Information was given to the caller. 
A man reported that he was being repeatedly called by a person. The phone number of the caller was not on file. 
The Missouri State Highway Patrol brought a female to the police department to post bond on a Shannon County warrant. The female posted bond and was released. 
June 27
A lift assist was requested on Kansas. The female subject was assisted and denied transportation by EMS for medical treatment. 
A caller requested an update on a report she had filed. 
An intoxicated male was reported on the ground on Fifth Street. The male had a possible broken hip. 
A female subject was reportedly causing problems and refusing to leave a residence on North Pine. The female was asked to leave, and did so without incident. 
A female subject reported suspicious activity at the golf course. 
A call was received about a person entering a home on Harrison without permission. The person was gone on arrival. 
A male subject was reportedly drinking alcohol on his vehicle near Casey’s. The man was gone on arrival. 
The Howell County Sheriff’s Office reported vehicles that were drag racing on U.S. Highway 60, headed toward Mountain View. The vehicles were unable to be located. 
June 28
A call was received for a male subject who had overdosed on medication. The male was transported from the home on Stub Street by EMS. 

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