Mountain View Police Department

September 24
William Cooper, 55, failure to use turn signal. 
Kenny Underwood, 30, exceeding the posted speed limit
Karia Soriano, 24, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Timmy Frazier, 41, stealing.
Dalton Mahan, 19, no valid operator license. 
September 25
Kim Barton, 46, lighting violation. 
Sarah Roberts, 27, lighting violation. 
Lois Shockey, 64, lighting violation. 
September 27
Troy Brown, 32, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Jennifer Brown, 47, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Cindy Propst, 48, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
September 28
James Garner, 46, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Devynn Courtney, 18, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Brian Rowland, 43, failure to display state license plates. 
Chen Yu-Cheng, 39, lighting violation. 
Richard Heverns, 62, lighting violation. 
September 29
Shaun Hawks, 36, lighting violation. 
Casey O’Shaughnessy, 38, failure to maintain financial responsibility, failure to register a motor vehicle, displaying or possessing the license plates of another. 
Timmy Frazier, 41, stealing. 
Aaron Hollis, 21, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
September 30
Dustin Young, 32, lighting violation. 
Calls for Service 
September 24
A man inquired about an accident report. The man was advised that he would be contacted once it was finished. 
A vehicle struck the West Plains Bank building. There were no injuries, and the vehicle was able to be driven from the scene. A report was taken. 
A child custody exchange was conducted at the police department. 
A caller reported that a scammer had made threats to her, saying that she would be arrested. 
Extra patrol was requested in the area of 2nd Street. 
A male subject inquired about the city’s ATV ordinance. Information was provided. 
The Howell County Sheriff’s Office called to request information. 
A reckless driver was reported on North Pine. No traffic violations were observed. 
A security alarm was activated at Liberty High School. The building was checked and secured. 
Assistance was given to EMS to gain entrance to a residence on Delp Road. 
September 25
A woman reported a suspicious male. The male subject could not be located. 
Alleged child abuse was reported. Contact was made, and no evidence of child abuse was found. 
A woman reported that she was chased and threatened by a male subject. While the woman did not wish to press charges, she did wish for an officer to make contact with the male subject. 
September 26
A verbal warning was given to a driver during a traffic stop on East 7th Street. 
A woman requested assistance with a child custody exchange. 
A woman came to the police department to report an incident that had happened a few months ago. The information was taken. 
A woman was reported to be driving without a license or registration. The vehicle was unable to be located. 
A bondsman requested information on a client. Information was provided. 
The Missouri State Highway Patrol called to confirm a warrant. 
September 27
A woman reported that she was contacted by AT&T about phone charges that she did not incur. The woman reported that someone had stolen her identity to create the account. 
A reckless driver was reported on County Road 2790. The driver could not be located. 
A caller reported that they had struck a dog in the roadway. The animal was removed from the road. 
September 30
A woman came to the police department to request directions. Information was provided. 
A woman requested information about when driver testing would occur. Information was provided. 
Two people requested information about an eviction notice. The two were told that an eviction is a civil matter. 
Assistance was given to a stranded motorist. The vehicle was jump started. 
Assistance was given to EMS to gain entry into the senior apartments. 
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