Mountain View Police Department

February 24
Michael Yates, 34, Mountain View, driving while intoxicated
February 26
Loren Graber, 52, Summersville, speeding 16-19 over
February 27
Jesi Ledgerwood, 28, Birch Tree, assault-third degree
February 28
Cody Smotherman, 32, Mountain View, assault-third degree
Stacy Treacy, 41, Houston, seatbelt violation
Amanda Elliott, 39, Mountain View, seatbelt violation
March 3
James Heino, 30, Birch Tree, fail to display state plates
March 4
Christopher Wade, 50, Simi Valley, CA, failure to register vehicle, other plates prohibited, fail to obey stop sign
March 5
Shawn Brower, 58, Mountain View, fail to drive right half of roadway
March 7
Chastity Hawkins, 38, Mountain View, dog at large
Joshua Summerfield, 39, Birch Tree, driving while license is suspended/revoked
March 8
James Townsend, 44, West Plains, failure to register motor vehicle
Calls for Service
February 24
Officer Allen Reef responded to a report of a stolen vehicle. The reporting party stated that someone took the vehicle out of his driveway. Officer Reef located the vehicle on N. Pine St. and conducted a traffic stop. The name on the vehicle title matched the individual driving it. That individual had recovered their own vehicle. 
Officer Timothy Gordon responded to a report of a burglar alarm. The individual at the residence advised they had set off the alarm on accident.
Officer Reef received a call to Crosscut for a fire alarm. The owner called and stated they set off disinfectant fog.
Corporal Trenton Roberts responded to E. Fourth Street for a person in distress. He made contact, and the individual agreed to be transported to the hospital by EMS.
Corporal Roberts received a request by city employees to assist with traffic control while they completed work along the road on N. Pine Street.
Dispatch received a call from a juvenile wanting to inform officers of their location. The juvenile relayed their parent frequently became intoxicated and reported them as missing. Officers are aware of the situation.
February 26
During building checks, Officer Reef noticed that the main door to three separate stores were unlocked. He secured all open doors.
Corporal Roberts received a call stating that someone was shooting a gun near their home. He checked the area and located a child with a BB gun. The matter is considered closed.
Corporal Roberts responded to E. Third St. for an individual on the floor of a residence. EMS arrived and treated the individual.
February 27
Officer Kylie McGee assisted an individual with a report of a burglary.
Officer McGee picked up a sign from McDonald’s that had fallen and created a hazard. She set it back up in the parking lot.
Corporal Roberts assisted an individual with a report of ongoing domestic disturbances and the remedies that individual could take.
Corporal Roberts received a call from the maintenance personnel at Valley View Apartments stating that a subject lying in front of an apartment that does not live there. The reporting party asked that the subject be trespassed from the property Chief James Perkins gave the female a courtesy ride. 
Officer McGee received a report from an individual in the Smoker’s Outlet parking lot. The person relayed information about them being watched with a drone.
February 28
Officer Matthew Combs received a call of a business burglar alarm. He checked the buildings.
Officer McGee assisted an individual with questions about a homeless person. 
Officer McGee received a report that a neighbor had thrown leaves into the roadway which blocked the reporting party from getting in his vehicle. The neighbor cleaned the leaves from the road when Officer McGee arrived to investigate. She advised to keep the roadway clear.
March 1
Officer Reef responded to Dollar General for a report of an individual causing issues in the store and wanted them trespassed.
Officer Reef assisted with a verbal domestic.
March 2
Officer Reef assisted with a disabled vehicle.
March 3
Officer Reef responded to a residence for suspicious activity.
Corporal Roberts received a request by MSHP to clear a limb that had fallen on N. 17 Hwy. He cleared the limb as requested.
Corporal Roberts assisted an individual with a wellbeing check on a family member.
Texas County Sheriff requested assistance with a stolen tractor possibly inside city limits. Corporal Roberts approached a homeowner at the suspected location, and they denied his entry. 
Corporal Roberts received a report of theft. In the report suspects were identified. Charges will be sent to PA’s office.
Officer Dawnesha Scott assisted Ozarks Healthcare with a wellbeing check of an individual.
Officer Scott assisted an individual with a report of a possibly stolen vehicle. 
March 4
Officer Matthew Combs noticed a vehicle parked in the city pool parking lot after hours. He spoke with the driver and passenger. He issued a warning to the driver for being in a city park between 12AM and 6AM.
Corporal Roberts responded to the area of Smith’s Flooring for debris in the road. He removed the debris.
Corporal Roberts responded to Angelica Street for a verbal domestic. One party agreed to leave the residence.
Corporal Roberts assisted EMS with a medical call. 
Officer Scott assisted with a possible attempted break in.
Officer Combs received a call about a domestic in progress. One individual stated that another shoved a third person. Witnesses stated no physical contact occurred. None wanted to press charges. The incident is considered closed.
March 5
Officer McGee conducted a security check of individuals at the school.
Corporal Roberts responded to the scene of an accident at East Fifth St and Elm St. EMS transported one individual. 
Corporal Roberts received a call of children playing in the street at Vine St and Deboard St. He spoke with the children.
Corporal Roberts responded to East Street for a vehicle accident that had occurred earlier.
Officer Gordon responded to a possible burglary. Investigation found individuals returning to a residence to retrieve belonging. 
March 6
Officer Combs assisted Howell County Sheriff Deputies with a vehicle accident after a pursuit.
An off-duty highway patrolman contacted Officer Gordon about a possible impaired driver. Officer Gordon conducted a traffic stop and the driver admitted to eating while driving causing a distracted driving situation. He issued a warning to the driver and returned to service.
Officer McGee assisted a parent with a juvenile issue.
March 7
Officer McGee assisted Howell County Deputies with an individual evicted from a residence. She trespassed the individual and gave them a courtesy ride. 
Officer McGee assisted an individual with a harassment complaint.
Officer Reef responded to a wellbeing check and called EMS for the individual.
March 8
Officer Reef responded to a commercial alarm and found the business secure.
Officer Combs received a call regarding an individual sitting in an unsafe location. EMS responded to check the individual. He then gave the individual a courtesy ride to their residence.
March 9
Officer McGee responded to Mann Street for barking dogs. She spoke to the owners who secured the dogs. 
Officer McGee conducted a security check of individuals at the city pool.
Officer Combs spoke to individuals reportedly attempting to drive while intoxicated. The individuals were advised not to drive.
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