Mountain View Police Department

Jamonte Wilson, 22, Colorado Springs, Mo., driving with no valid license
Bradles Pitts, 37, Springdale, Ark., speeding 20-25 over
Christy Rinear, 49, Mountain View, speeding 11-15 over 
Nicholas Campbell, 19, Jackson, Mo., speeding 11-15 over 
Phyllis Counts , 72, Winona, fail to yield at yield sign- causing accident
Leah Rouse, 49, Thayer, parking in school/ private property without consent
David Wilson, 34, Springfield, speeding 11-15 over 
Amanda Murrow, Willow Springs, possession of drug paraphernalia
Calls for Service 
April 14
Officer Combs responded to an elderly individual laying on the floor. A Howell County Sheriff’s deputy arrived previously and spoke with the individual. EMS arrived and evaluated the individual and had them airlifted to Springfield.
Corporal Trenton Roberts received a call of a young child outside alone. Before he arrived on the scene, someone had returned the child to the parents.
April 15
Officer Combs responded to a report of a disturbance. He gave the subject a ride home. 
Corporal Roberts responded to Tom Frommel Dr. for a vehicle driving by the soccer games multiple times with loud music. He checked the area, and the vehicle could not be located.
Officer Timothy Gordon responded to a report of power line down after a strong storm. Officer Combs found a tree limb that had broken off and landed on a nearby building, pulling a power line down as well.
Howell County Sheriff’s Officer requested assistance with a call regarding shots fired. Officer Gordon responded and found all parties had left the scene.
Officer Gordon received a complaint that a neighbor removed the reporting party’s mail from the mailbox. While on the scene, a postal employee delivered the mail. 
April 16
While on routine patrol, Officer McGee noticed a broken window at a business. She requested notification to the key holder.
Corporal Roberts responded to East First Street to assist EMS with a medical call.
April 17
Officer McGee responded to E. Seventh St. for a peace disturbance at the apartments. The reporting party stated the neighbor had the TV volume too loud. Officer McGee found the neighbor to be hearing impaired and helped them to put subtitles on the TV.
Officer Combs responded to a noninjury motor vehicle accident.
Officer Combs took a report of a possible theft of a cat. The investigation will require follow-up.
Officer Combs received a call from an individual reporting her puppy as stolen. The reporting party states that the home health aide took the puppy and gave it away.
Officer Reef responded to a call of harassment. He diffused the situation.
Officer Reef received a call of a domestic incident. After speaking with both parties, they agreed to be civil and separate.
April 18
Corporal Robets responded to W. First St. for children riding dirt bikes up and down the street. He contacted the parents and advised them that dirt bikes were not allowed on city streets.
Officer Reef responded to Dollar General for an alarm. He found the business secure.
Officer Reef responded to a domestic situation. He informed both parties to separate.
April 19
Officer Combs took several calls about the theft of an animal. After investigation the owners took possession of the animal. 
Officer Reef received a call of an individual who took medication after drinking. He located the individual and returned them home.
Officer Reef responded to an alarm at Dollar General. He found the building secure.
April 20
Assistant Chief Schwien assisted a motorist with a disabled vehicle.
Officer Reef responded to a complaint of loud noise. He asked the party to turn down the music.
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