Mountain View Police Department

May 5
Daniel McKee, 37, Summersville, failure to register vehicle
Tony McBride, 59, Mountain View, failure to yield right of way
Maya 6
Johnson Burks, 34, Mountain View, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
Jason Moore, 36, Birch Tree, possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana, driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia
May 10
Justice Chadwell, 21, Birch Tree, driving with no valid license
Calls for Service
May 5
Officer Matthew Combs responded to Signal for an individual in the bathroom for over an hour. He spoke to the person who stated they were having stomach. 
Officer Dawnesha Scott received a call of an individual in the parking lot of Signal drinking and possibly doing drugs. Off. Scott contacted with the subject during a traffic stop. She issued a citation for failure to yield.
Officer Timothy Gordon conducted a security check on a vehicle parked in a suspicious area with questionable activity. The occupants advised they were dropping off items for a donation.
Officer Gordon conducted a security check on a vehicle parked in the alley behind the PD. 
Officer Gordon received a request to check the well-being of a subject who had recently separated from their partner and was reportedly having suicidal thoughts. He contacted the subject at their home listening to music and drinking alcohol. They advised they were fine, were not having any suicidal or self-harming thoughts, and did not require any assistance.
Officer Gordon responded to a church in the area to take a report of truck he had witnessed doing donuts in the church’s parking lot and leaving ruts. While speaking with the pastor, the truck in question pulled around the block. The driver admitted to being the one causing the damage. The two were able to work out something between themselves.
Officer Gordon found a gate to city property left open. He checked the area and secured it.
Officer Gordon assisted Shannon County Sheriff’s Department with an incident involving a gunshot victim who had been transported to the local hospital. Off. Gordon took photos and received a statement from the victim. He forwarded the information gathered to Shannon County Sheriff’s Dept. for them to investigate further.
May 6
Officer Combs received information from property owners of a vehicle parked improperly. The driver advised he had parked to sleep. Off. Combs informed the driver to move along per owner request.
May 7
Officer Kylie McGee responded to Walmart for a possible child stuck in the bathrooms. Off. McGee searched the bathrooms but did not locate anyone.
Officer Travis Wilbanks responded to a non-injury vehicle accident at The Anchor. 
Officer McGee responded to a call of a hay bale that fell off of a truck on E. First St. and S. 17 Hwy. The individuals responsible cleared the roadway.
May 8
Officer Allen Reef received a call of an individual dropped off at McDonald’s right at closing. He located the individual who stated they were fine and looking for a ride.
Officer Reef responded to N. Ash St. to check on an individual on oxygen. He contacted the individual and found them to be fine, not requiring any assistance. 
May 9
Officers responded to a report of an unwanted person knocking in the door of a residence. They found the individual to have active warrants and placed them under arrest. 
Chief James Perkins received a report of a vehicle containing possible intoxicated individuals. He performed a traffic stop and found the driver not to be intoxicated. The driver, however, admitted to using a small amount of legal intoxicating substances. 
May 10
Officer Wilbanks checked on an individual with a disabled vehicle. Arrangements for a tow truck were already made.
May 11
Assistance Chief Stetson Schwien responded to Mountain View Healthcare for a report of a resident assaulting an employee.
Officer Reef responded to a subject walking up and down the road. He spoke to the individual who advised they work in the area and were exercising before going home.
Officer Reed checked on individuals with a disabled vehicle. They did not require any assistance at that time.
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