MVPD Report

May 8
Amanda Cobble, 30, vicious dog, dog at large. 
May 8
An officer was dispatched to Mercy Clinic for a child who was bitten by a dog. The owner of the dog was given a citation, and the dog was quarantined. 
A vehicle crash was investigated at 104 E US Highway 60. 
Calls for Service 
May 4
The Missouri Highway Patrol requested a call for a warrant confirmation. 
Mercy Clinic requested contact with a Mountain View resident whose mother was at the clinic and needed a ride home. 
May 5
A two vehicle accident was reported at Highway 60 and Elm. 
A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend had stolen her vehicle. The woman stated that the suspect drove away when she had gotten out of the vehicle. The suspect was contacted, and was advised to return the vehicle. The vehicle owner stated that she would not press charges, if the vehicle was returned. While the responding officer was called away to a vehicle accident, the woman was seen leaving the seen with a male subject in a red car. 
A female subject was reportedly trying to break down a door at a residence on Delp Street. No damage was found to the door and no contact was able to be made with anyone inside. The residence appeared secure, and no further action was taken. 
May 6
A license plate was reported stolen on Ridgeway Drive. The back plate was removed, and the front plate was bent.

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