Willow Springs Police

April 22
Lanny Raye Burke, Van Buren, failure to obey traffic control device. 
Heath Austin Hardman, West Plains, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
April 23
Charles D. Woods, Elizabethton, Tn., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Samuel Lewis Price, Nixa, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Quincy C. Leverett, Jefferson City, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Joseph Austin Garner, Marietta, Ga., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Alivia Rita Thomas, Lees Summit, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Lori Ann Cole, Poplar Bluff, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
April 24
Tamika Lashay Jones, Wichita, Ks., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Aimee Lauren Ross, Jacksonville, Fl., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Jimmy. Allen Sommerfield, Lake Cormorant, Ms., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Byron A. Staples, Memphis, Tn., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Calls for Service 
April 22
A caller contacted city hall stating that he needed help. The caller hung up but was later contacted and was found to be intoxicated. 
A disturbance was reported at a business on County Road 1270. Contact was made, and the scene was cleared. 
A caller reported that a man was lying in a ditch on State Route Z, stating that it was his home. 
A report was received of an altercation between two females near Casey’s. No one was found in the area. 
A caller requested extra patrol on Post Oak Road. 
A well-being check was requested for an animal at a residence on East 4th Street. 
April 23
A loud motorcycle was reported at the parking lot of Booster Field. The rider stated that he was practicing. The man was advised that the park was not yet open, and that he should find a different location to practice.
A local business reported that a customer attempted to pass a counterfeit $100 bill. The subjects were not located. 
A funeral escort was given from First Christian Church to the city cemetery. 
A child custody agreement violation was reported at Love’s truck stop. A male subject will be charged with interference with custody.
April 24
A domestic disturbance was reported at a residence on 4th Street. 
A female subject was taken into custody on active warrants on West 4th Street. 
April 25
A stolen ATV was located at a property on North Cherry. The matter is under investigation. 
The Missouri State Highway Patrol requested that a piece of wood be removed from the roadway on U.S. Highway 60 by State Route 137. 
A caller reported that a male subject was yelling at vehicles on Main Street. The subject was not found in the area. 
A fuel pump at Snappy Mart malfunctioned, spilling a large amount of fuel on the ground. Fire personnel responded to the spill.
A suspicious subject was reported at the laundromat. 
April 26
A 62-year-old male in cardiac arrest was reported on Ferguson.
A woman asked to file a report, stating that a person was posting bad things about her on social media. 
911 reported an alarm at the License Office. The building was checked and secured. 
A male caller reported that he had not spoken to his wife in a few days, and that the woman’s children had not been in school all week. Contact was made with the caller’s wife who was fine, along with the children. 
A person requested paperwork to get a title for a vehicle.
A van was seen parked behind Lakeland Pharmacy after hours. The occupants of the vehicle were advised that they needed to move from the area. 
A suspicious subject was located at Love’s truck stop. The male subject was given a courtesy ride.
April 27
A resident came to the police department to report that a man had come to their home, screaming and yelling, with a firearm in his waistband. 
A suspicious vehicle was reported near Jasper Engine. The vehicle was not found in the area. 
A caller reported that there was a man sitting in his underwear near his car, which was parked at Booster Field. The caller reported that there were children playing in the park at the time. Upon checking the area, it was discovered that the man was an umpire for games being played at Booster Field and was actually wearing shorts.
A caller reported a stolen cell phone, stating that the incident occurred in Mountain View. 
A male subject reported registration being stolen from his vehicle. The man stated that it was on his vehicle when he went to work at Jasper. 
A woman reported that she had been attacked by her neighbor’s dog.
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