Willow Springs Police

May 20|
Amanda May Fine, Willow Springs, vicious animal.
May 22
John W. Thweatt, Cookeville, Tn., exceeded the posted speed limit.  
Amanda May Fine, Willow Springs, animal license.
May 23
Alexandrea Michelle Spencer, Poplar Bluff, exceeded the posted speed limit.
May 28
Bryan D. Sparks, Lexington, Tn., exceeded the posted speed limit.
Michelle Dawn Redman, West Plains, stealing.
May 30
John J. Long, Wheatfield, In., driving while intoxicated.
May 31
Sarah Catherine Davis, Willow Springs, exceeded the posted speed limit.
James Douglas Spiehs, Willow Springs, driving while intoxicated.
Calls for Service
May 16
A resident on North Ash reported that his cat had been attacked by a neighbor’s dog. The owner of the dog was issued a vicious animal citation and was also charged for failing to register the dog.
May 19
A male subject called for a well-being check for his children. The man stated that he did not know where his children were but did know that they were with their mother.
Missouri State Highway Patrol requested assistance for a female subject that needed help removing lug nuts along U.S. Highway 60. The vehicle was not able to be located.
May 20
A woman reported that her 15-year-old stepson had been missing since May 9. The woman reported a short time later that the boy had returned home.
An issue was reported with the railroad crossing at Burnum Road and AA Highway. A technician was dispatched to the crossing.
A caller reported a male subject in the Snappy Mart parking lot that was possibly sick. Contact was made with the man, who stated that he had gotten overheated and had just sat down by his truck.
A caller reported a squirrel that had gotten inside the License Office on East Main Street.
May 21
A burglary was reported at a home on Springfield Road. A large quantity of vintage coins was taken from a safe inside the home. The suspect was photographed by a game camera while he was entering the home. An investigation is underway.
A disturbance was reported on East Valley Street. Contact was made with a female subject who stated that her husband was leaving, that she was upset and that she had been drinking.
A possible overdose was reported at a residence on North Grand. EMS was on scene performing CPR on a female subject. The woman was transported to Ozarks Healthcare in West Plains. 
A dog was reported to be stuck in a fence along West 4th Street. The owner of the dog reported that she was able to get the dog out of the fence.
May 22|
A possible break-in was reported at Willow Winds. A female subject reported that her room had been vandalized, but nothing was stolen. A neighbor gave a description of a suspect vehicle, and extra patrol was conducted in the area.
A male subject called regarding two juveniles that he wanted removed from his property. The man stated that the juveniles had come to the property to retrieve a ball but had not left. The juveniles were informed that they needed to leave the property.
A resident on Park Street reported that a group of male juveniles had shouted obscenities and made obscene gestures before running into a nearby wooded area. The area was checked, but the juveniles were not located.
A male subject on North Walnut stated that he wanted to go to the stress unit. EMS was contacted, and the male was transported to Ozarks Healthcare.
May 23
A male subject was arrested on active warrants from Bolivar during a traffic stop on State Route DD. The male was transported to the Howell County Sheriff’s Office.
The owner of Pizza Americana reported that a male subject was possibly stalking an underage female employee. Contact was made with the man, and he was asked to leave the property. The man stated that he did not know the girl was underage but agreed to not return to the property.
A caller complained of loose cats in the area and stated that he was going to shoot them. The caller was advised that firearms cannot be discharged within the city limits and was told to contact a local animal shelter.
May 24
A worker who was cleaning inside West Plains Bank reported that two individuals were walking around the bank. Contact was made with two individuals who stated they were just walking through the area.
A woman reported that her roommate had moved out and left her dog behind. The woman was advised to give the dog owner one week to claim the dog before finding a new home for it.
May 25
A string trimmer was reported stolen at a residence on Park Street. The trimmer was later located on the property.
A woman called to report her 25-year-old grandson missing. The woman stated that he had gotten a ride from a friend and could not be reached by phone. The grandson later returned home.
May 27
A female subject was arrested at Dollar General on an active warrant. The woman posted bond and was given a return court date.
A shoplifter was reported at Dollar General. A report was taken.
A tenant at an apartment building on Sixth Street made a complaint of her neighbor making loud noises. The neighbor stated that they had not been making loud noises. The reporting party was advised to get a recording of the sound to support any future claim of disruptive noises.
A male subject on North Walnut had called 911 to report that he was upset with his caretaker. Contact was made with the man, and he was talked to until he finally calmed down
May 28
A resident reported seeing smoke in the area of the football field. No smoke was found in the area.
May 29
A female subject reported that her son was being harassed via text message. The woman’s son was advised to block the person that was sending the messages and to not engage with them. Contact was made with the sender of the messages, and the sender was advised to block the recipient of the messages and that any further contact between the two would constitute harassment.
An Apple watch was located at the tennis court. The owner was located, and the watch was returned to her.
A caller reported that he had heard yelling and arguing in the area of North Grand but did not know what residence it was coming from. 
A report was received of a male screaming at his caretaker on North Walnut. The male subject stated that he wanted to admit himself for a 96-hour hold. The male was transported by ambulance.
A male subject was reportedly beating his caregiver’s vehicle with a cane at the intersection of North Harris and East Main. There was no visible damage to the vehicle, and the caregiver did not wish to pursue charges. The man was advised on better methods of how to relieve stress.
May 30
A domestic disturbance was reported at a residence on Pine Grove Road. Both parties at the home stated that they were assaulted by the other, but neither showed any sign of injury. No criminal charges were filed. 
Missouri State Highway Patrol reported that a male subject, who had been booked and released for driving while intoxicated, was possibly trying to drive again. The male was located and was driving on eastbound U.S. Highway 60/63. The man was again booked and released. A third party transported the man from the scene.
911 reported receiving a phone call of a woman crying and telling someone to stop. The phone call was traced to a residence on Pine Grove Road.
A peace disturbance was reported on North Ash. An individual at the residence in question agreed to turn down the volume of the loud music. 
May 31
A disturbance was reported at an apartment building on 6th Street. Both involved parties accused the other of instigating a verbal altercation. Both were advised to keep separated.
An elderly female with dementia was reported walking along Pine Grove Road. The woman’s son arrived and took her back to her residence. 
A vehicle that was involved in a minor traffic accident near Snappy Mart reportedly left the scene. Information was gathered on the vehicle that left the scene.
An unsecured door was reported at CamCorp. The building was secured, and the scene was cleared.
June 1
No injuries were reported when a tractor trailer backed into another tractor trailer while attempting to park at Love’s Travel Center.
A woman reported that her aunt had donated a purse to MUNCH and that her aunt had accidentally left $250 inside the purse. Whenever she went back to get the money from inside the purse, it was gone. 
A resident on Summit reported that they believed a neighbor was operating an ATV while under the influence. 
A report was received of two people arguing in front of a residence on West Main Street. One of the involved parties left the area.
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