Willow Springs Police

July 9
Dale M. Pavlovich, Crawfordsville. Fla., exceeded the posted speed limit.
Demian LaPointe, Des Plaines, Ill., exceeded the posted speed limit.
Steve Everett Schwartz, Louisville, Ken., exceeded the posted speed limit.
Helen M. Davis, Peoria, Ill., exceeded the posted speed limit.
Camden Arthur Jon Carter, El Dorado, Ks., exceeded the posted speed limit.
July 10
Lindsay Leechelle McCall, West Plains, failure to maintain financial responsibility.
Amanda Gayle Brecheisen, Seneca, exceeded the posted speed limit.
Justin Matthew Byrd, Port St. Lucie, Fla., exceeded the posted speed limit.
July 11
Judith Ann Henderson, Willow Springs, failure to drive within a single lane.
Tony A. Heckman, Birch Tree, failure to register a motor vehicle, failure to maintain financial responsibility.
Julie Lou Johnson, Willow Springs, failure to register a motor vehicle.
Matthew Wayne Barnes, Willow Springs, driving while revoked/suspended, failure to register a motor vehicle, failure to maintain financial responsibility.
Calls for Service
July 8
Minor damage was reported in a two-vehicle accident in the G&W parking lot. No one was injured.
A caller reported being chased by a dog on Nineth Street.
A possible suicidal female subject was reported on Corn Avenue. The woman stated that she had not made statements of self-harm.
A male and female subject called in a complaint about a vehicle purchase from an individual. The couple was told that they should contact an attorney, as the situation was a civil matter.
A funeral escort was provided from West Side Family Life Center to the city cemetery. 
July 9
A female subject reported that she felt she was being unjustly evicted from her residence. It was determined that the landlord did not have grounds to evict the woman. She was transported by EMS, due to medical issues.
A woman reported that she had heard her front door open and close at an apartment on East Main. The woman asked that her residence be checked. The area was cleared, and an officer remained nearby for a period.
July 10 
A female subject on Center Street had lost consciousness. The woman was still breathing but was confused when emergency personnel responded. The woman was taken to the hospital for treatment.
A domestic disturbance was reported at a residence on North Grand. When an officer arrived, the involved parties were separating.
A truck driver reported that lights had been taken from his truck and trailer while he was parked near Love’s.
July 11
A security alarm was activated at Homestead Crossing. The owner of the business stated that a camera indicated that someone was at the front of the building. No one was found in the area.
July 12
A male subject reported that he was assaulted by his brother at Booster Field.
An assault was reported at Town and Country. The victim showed no physical injuries and declined medical treatment. The suspect admitted to the assault, claiming that his son had been bullied, leading to the incident.
An officer was requested to respond to an EMS call at a business on East Main.
A resident on Park Street was asked to extinguish a fire in his yard, due to a burn ban. The resident complied with the request.
A male subject reported that his brother was heavily impaired and was knocking on his front door on Sixth Street.
A woman at Sunshine Village reported that she was threatened by an intoxicated subject.
July 14
A woman reported that a male subject was harassing her while she was working on a trailer on East Third Street. The male subject was the son of the owner of the trailer. There had been a miscommunication on the trailer being dismantled. The matter was settled between the two parties.
A distressed female subject made contact with an officer at Love’s. The woman, who was wearing a hospital bracelet and may have been admitted for mental issues, was sweating and began vomiting at the scene. The woman stated that she had been raped by two people at her home in West Plains and stated that the incident had occurred one or two years ago. The woman was transported to the hospital in Mountain View. 
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