Willow Springs Police Department

Weeks of April 03, 2020
April 3
Paul D Morgan, Wyandotte, OK, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
April 5
Tre Christopher McIntosh, Birch Tree, operating an ATV on a highway or street. 
Jacobe James Sheets, Willow Springs, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Lindell S Shelton, Rogersville, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Jason S Turney, Mansfield, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
April 3
Sonic reported a theft of more than $500. 
April 6
A woman reported the theft of of medication from her vehicle, while it was parked on the 500 block of North Ash. 
Calls for Service 
April 2
A call was received that an opossum was stuck in lattice on a deck. The animal was freed. 
911 performed a phone check, making sure everything was working properly. 
A woman called for an officer to meet with a man she takes care of. The man reported that he had been assaulted. 
A woman called to report that her tires had been slashed. 
April 3
A man called, saying he had picked up a dog near West Main and First Street. The dog was picked up, and posted on the animal control Facebook page. The owner of the animal contacted the police department, and the animal was returned to the owner. 
April 5
A woman called, wishing to discuss a ticket she had been given. 
A report was made of theft and property damage   
A disturbance was reported on East Third Street. 
April 6
A woman came to the police department to fill out a statement that her vehicle was broken into, and medication was stolen. 
A police officer from Iowa called to request a well-being check at an address outside of Willow Springs. The officer was advised to call the Howell County Sheriff’s Office. 
A man called to ask if he was allowed to walk to his mother’s house during the stay-at-home order. The man was told that he could go there, but was advised to practice safe distancing and hand washing. 
A man came to the police department to speak with an officer about a rental property. 
A man came to the police department, stating that he believed his ex-wife had violated an ex parte. 
A caller stated that the road closure sign on Old Burnham Road was missing. 
A woman reported that she was having problems with her neighbors, and wanted to get an ex parte. 
A woman requested to speak with an officer about an issue she was having with a renter. 
A man reported that a child walked into his yard, but he didn’t know where the child lived. The man’s children played with the child until an officer arrived. The child’s parents were later located. 
April 7
Gunfire was reported near East Main Street. The area was checked, but nothing was found. 
A man called to see if he was able to go to work at his shop, during the stay-at-home order. The caller was advised that this was allowed. 
McDonald’s reported a customer driving dangerously. 
A man from New York called, stating that he had paid for an item that was being sold by a Willow Springs resident, but had never received the item. The man was referred to the Howell County Sheriff’s Office. 
A request was made to contact a victim of a vehicle theft. The individual was advised to contact the Shannon County Sheriff’s Office, since that is where the theft occurred. 
April 8
A woman reported that cash was stolen from her home. A report was taken. 
A man called, stating there was a deer in his yard that could not stand. The caller believed the deer may have been hit by a car. Animal control was called to the scene. The animal had been hit by a vehicle. 
Mercy Clinic called, stating that there was a woman sitting outside on the curb that didn’t seem to be acting right. A well-being check was made. 
A report was made of individuals that were breaking windows at Willow Springs High School. No individuals, nor any broken windows, were found. 
A woman called to ask if she would get in trouble for cutting the lock off of a storage unit that belonged to her ex-husband. The woman was advised that she could not remove the lock, since the storage unit does not belong to her. 
A woman called to report that her dog was missing. The woman later reported that she located the animal.

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