Willow Springs Police Department

November 6
Bryan Arnold Billmyer, Nixa, Mo., exceeded the posted speed limit
Misty D Clinton, Willow Springs, possession of drug paraphernalia
Michael Jess Nelson, Southside, Ala., exceeded the posted speed limit
Brian James Overby, St Charles, Mo., exceeded the posted speed limit
Patrick Eugene Behrnot, Horseshoe Bend, Ark., stop sign violation
Charles Alexander Mays, Mammoth Springs, Ark., exceeded the posted speed limit
November 7
Rhonda Edwards Braker, Nixa, Mo., exceeded the posted speed limit
Eriq Chad Loman, Willow Springs, failure to register vehicle
Heather Liann Cagle, Kansas City, Mo., exceeded the posted speed limit
November 8
Courtney Nicole Byrd, Willow Springs, property damage
November 9
Eliel Rodriguez Alvarado, Dallas, Texas, exceeded the posted speed limit
Christopher Gene Billings, Willow Springs, exceeded the posted speed limit
November 10
Elisa Ann Stewart, Pomona, no valid license, exceeded the posted speed limit
Bobbie Lynne Merchant, Mountain Grove, exceeded the posted speed limit
November 11
Joshua Rolan Pearce, Ava, failure to register vehicle
John Kirby Stone, Forrest City, Mo., stop sign violation
Spencer D Walls, Cabool, exceeded the posted speed limit
April Frances K Price, West Plains, Mo., exceeded the posted speed limit
November 5
During a traffic stop for no vehicle registration, an officer found the driver had multiple revoked driver citations. The driver was informed that he needed to find another driver to take his vehicle home, or it would be towed.  
November 6
Officer Corey Clark assisted the Children’s Division with a house call at a residence on North Center St.  When he arrived at the residence, he smelled a strong odor of what he believed to be marijuana.  The officer asked for whoever had the drugs to bring it to him.  An individual surrendered a glass pipe with what appeared to be marijuana residue in it. Officer Clark issued a citation for the possession of drug paraphernalia.
November 8
Officer Paden Turnbull took a report of property damage and issued a citation. 
November 10
Officer John Thomas was dispatched to a report of a fight at the Snappy Mart.  Once on scene, he was able to locate one of the individuals involved and a written statement was completed.  
Calls for Service
November 5
A man called Animal Control to report a brown pit bull mix with a broken leash digging at his fence on West Fourth St.  Animal Control went to the man’s location, but did not find the dog.  The man informed them that the dog has been around several times, but he hasn’t called before.  He said that if it came back, he would try to catch it so Animal Control could pick it up. 
The police department responded to a residence on Walnut Street for a report of an assault. 
November 6
An individual called the police department to report a suspicious vehicle on East Sixth St.  Police officers went to the scene and spoke with an employee who stated he had not seen the vehicle on the property before.  Though the vehicle did not have any license information, the officers were able to check the VIN and it came back as owned by an employee residing at Sunshine Village.  
An officer was dispatched to a residence on Ash St. for a wellbeing check.  A man was laying on his front porch. The officer approached and tapped the man’s arm, who then woke up.  The man stated he was just sunbathing. 
A police officer was dispatched to Scott St. for a report of a 13-year-old boy slamming the door at the house and running off.  The officer spoke to one of the residents and explained that her mother was the owner of the house and had legal custody of the boy.  The mother filled out a statement form involving the incident. Shortly after, the boy returned through the back door and went to his room.  The officer informed the boy that if this happened again he would have to get the Juvenile Officers involved.  The boy said it would not happen again. 
November 7
Police officers responded to a report of a cow in the road in front of Missouri State Highway Patrol Troop G headquarters on West Main St.  
The police department received a call for a residential alarm on Hickory Hills Drive.  Officers responded and spoke with the homeowner who explained that she had accidentally tripped the alarm. 
Animal Control received a complaint of a dog barking all night long on Pine St. Officer David Hocking went to the location and spoke with the dog’s owner, who lived next door.  The owner explained that the dog had brain cancer and they were trying to find a vet to put it down.  Animal Control gave them the names of a few vets in Willow Springs and gave the owner a verbal warning for the disturbance. 
The desk clerk at a motel on East Main St. called the police department to report marijuana use in one of the guest rooms.  The clerk provided the registered guest’s information. 
The police department responded twice to a residence on Pine St. for a dispute between neighbors. 
November 8
A man called the police department with questions about a restraining order his girlfriend put on him. 
Animal Control received a report of a discarded deer carcass along the side of the road in the 500 block of Pine Grove Rd.  The deer had been skinned from the neck down.  Animal Control informed the Department of Conservation of the issue. 
The police department assisted Missouri State Highway Patrol with a one-car rollover accident on Highway 137 approximately one quarter mile north of the golf course.  
Police Officers responded to a residence on North Highway 137 for a report of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  The individual was transferred by Emergency Medical Services.  Willow Springs Police Officers secured the scene until Howell County Sheriff deputies arrived. 
November 9
An officer received a radio dispatch from 911 stating that the Thayer Police Department would like to ask an individual in custody some questions.  An officer called the Thayer Police Department back and the questions were answered. 
The police department provided a funeral escort from the church to the cemetery. 
November 10
A police officer spoke with a man at Sunshine Village who reported being harassed by a relative using a radiation beam.  The man was given a statement form and asked to bring it to the police department once it was completed.  
911 Dispatch called the police department with a report of a syringe and other miscellaneous items that were found by a man at his home.  Officers went to the residence and spoke with the man.  He stated he found some loose screws behind his shower wall which revealed an opening where a syringe and the other items were found.  The items were removed by the officers, and the man filled out a statement form. 
November 11
911 Dispatch contacted the police department for a report of a semi truck broken down at the South Junction on US Highway 60/63.  An officer went to the location and spoke with the driver who stated his brakes were seized up.  A towing company was contacted to make repairs on the truck. 
911 dispatched officers for a report of a house fire on Holloway Dr. Upon arrival, the officers found a fire coming out of the air conditioner unit located on the south side of the house.  The fire was quickly contained by firefighters.vvvv

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