Willow Springs Police Department

December 11
Sherah Lou Schump, Willow Springs, stop sign violation
Paige Marie Feith, Houston, Mo., failure to register vehicle
December 12
Jackie Joshua Allberty, Willow Springs, stop sign violation
Colby Dylan Snoddy, Woodburn, Ky., exceeded posted speed limit
Zachery Logan Malin, Campbell, Mo., exceeded posted speed limit
Jonathan Andrew Burch, Holly Springs, Miss., exceeded posted speed limit
December 13
Kevin Daniels, Little Rock, Ark., exceeded posted speed limit
Gregg Alan Wells, Pomona, exceeded posted speed limit, failure to maintain financial responsibility 
Leroy Alvin Ray, Willow Springs, exceeded posted speed limit
Lennus Edward Drennen, Farmington, Mo., exceeded posted speed limit
Casie Rene Hausmann-Goodrich, Willow Springs, failure to maintain financial responsibility
December 14
Logan Joseph Yeager, Bakersfield, Mo., stop sign violation
Christina Jane Daniels, Birch Tree, failure to register vehicle
December 15
Jessica Lynn Dilworth, Carthage, Mo., stop sign violation
Kevin Lee Hill, Lillian, Ala., stop sign violation
Jared Ross Story, Willow Springs, failure to maintain financial responsibility
Martin Shane Walker, Willow Springs, exceeded posted speed limit
December 16
Jeannine Barbara Johnson, Willow Springs, failure to register vehicle
December 17
Elena Thorson, Pomona, stop sign violation
Corey Couch, Birchtree, failure to maintain financial responsibility
Jean Louis Lumonet, Lehigh Acres, Fla., unsafe U-turn, property damage
Jacob Dillon Hostettler, Waverly, Mo., exceeded posted speed limit
December 15
A woman filed a written statement regarding a missing wallet. The incident is being investigated at this time.
December 16
Officer Paden Turnbull stopped a vehicle for a license plate violation and arrested Harry Shaffer on an active warrant from West Plains Police Department.
Calls for Service
December 11
Officer Jim Hedelsten responded to a call from a man who believed his son was on his property because he had received a call stating his son was doing a Facebook live video “saying some pretty bad things” and that he had been drinking and smoking a “meth laced marijuana cigarette.” The man was worried about his son because he believed he had a mental illness. The officer located the son and he was taken to Howell County Sheriff’s office for violation of the ex parte.
A complaint of noise from a loud generator on Grand St. was reported. An officer made contact with a man at the address and explained that the generator needed to be shut off due to complaints about the noise. The man agreed and shut it off. He was advised that if the officer returned due to the same issue that he would be written a citation for peace disturbance. The man stated that he understood and would not turn the generator back on that night.
A 911 dispatch reported a subject sitting on the curb by a home at the corner of High and Corn Sts. An officer was dispatched. The man stated he was okay and needed no medical attention.
December 12
An officer assisted a man at Love’s Travel Stop who lost a vehicle he was towing. Assistance from 911 dispatchers revealed that the missing vehicle’s location on an off-ramp on US 60/63. After recovering the vehicle, the officer escorted the man and his recovered vehicle back to Love’s, then gave him a ride back to his semi truck at the off-ramp.
The police department received a call for damaged property at the Comfort Inn.  
December 14
Cadet Davy Hocking of Animal Control was dispatched in response to a complaint from a man on Sunshine St. concerned that a dog which had been hanging around his house and chasing squirrels might knock over one of the four Harley-Davidson motorcycles parked nearby. The man was informed that extra patrol would watch the area more closely.
Animal Control responded to a call of a dog running loose near the church on North Center St. Cadet Hocking noticed the dog matched the description of one reported to City Hall earlier as missing. The owner was contacted and the dog returned.
A man called to state a dog had been seen on his property several days in a row, and was concerned about potential property damage. Animal Control was dispatched with a description of the dog.
A 911 call was received with another complaint of a noisy generator on Grand St. An officer made contact with the owner, who subsequently turned the generator off.
December 15
A mother called to state her daughter was at home, and a suspicious man was in their yard and walking around their vehicles. Asst. Chief Wes Ellison looked around the residence and spoke with the daughter.

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