Willow Springs Police Department

September 10
Darren L. Johnson, Willow Springs, failure to maintain financial responsibility. 
James Thomas Patterson, Mountain View, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Heather Noel Stoll, Springfield, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
September 11
Diego Rivera Candanoza, Cabool, stop sign violation. 
Heather Michelle Aust, Ozark, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Lindsey Mae Deryt, Rogersville, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Abby Ann Ray, Springfield, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Roger Gene Schniedermeyer, Jackson, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Anntionette Lynn Veal, Springfield, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Ahmed Adam Abdulla, Mobile, Al., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Mohamed Alamin Ahmad, Mobile, Al., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Cody Ray Foster, Willow Springs, failure to register a motor vehicle, failure to maintain financial responsibility. 
September 12
Dayton Andre Terrill-Austin, Summersville, failure to maintain financial responsibility. 
David Andrew Shifrin, Jr., Nashville, Tn., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Tiffany Suzanne Day, West Plains, exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Jason Chatman, Tuckerman, Ar., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Donnavan Claude Haynes, Palm Bay, Fl., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
September 13
Carey Paul Berger, Lawrence, Ks., exceeding the posted speed limit. 
Michael D. Orr, Poplar Bluff, stop sign violation. 
Amanda May Fine, Willow Springs, nuisance violation. 
Calls for Service 
September 9
A caller reported juveniles at the city pool. Contact was made with the juveniles who stated that they were only trying to use the soda machine. No damage was found, and the area was secured. 
A male subject with active warrants was taken into custody on 10th Street. The man was later turned over to Wright County authorities. 
A driver was stopped on North Harris for a traffic violation. The driver was arrested for driving while revoked. 
September 10
A caller reported an ongoing family situation and concern over the care of children belonging to a family member. The caller was given contact information for the Department of Family Services in Texas County where the incident was occurring. 
September 11
Contact was made with a male subject who was seen walking in the middle of the road on South Harris. The man stated that he was homeless and was trying to get to a shelter in Rolla. A courtesy ride was given to the man. 
September 12
A resident on North Grand reported that they saw a black SUV drive slowly by their home while filming it. 
Vehicle tampering was reported at a residence on State Route 76. A possible suspect has been identified, and the case remains open. 
September 13
Following an argument, a girl had reportedly left her home, walking east toward Park Street. The girl was picked up and was given a ride back to her mother’s home. The conflict was resolved after the girl was returned home. 
A woman called to get information about guns she had purchased from a licensed gun dealer. 
September 14
Extra patrol was being conducted near Split Oak Industries, following a recent break-in at the location, when the patrolling officer observed a female subject inside the business. The woman was identified as the cleaning person for the business. 
A male was reported walking his dog near the football practice field that would only speak to children. Adults reported that the man refused to speak to any adults and would walk away when approached. Contact was made with the man, who stated that he was trying to train his dog to be around groups of people. The man was asked to leave and complied. 
Waggoner Home Center again reported a man trying to purchase merchandise over the phone with a non-functioning credit card. The same individual had tried to purchase equipment in the same manner on a previous date. No contact could be made with the caller. 
September 15
A female subject was arrested on multiple warrants. The woman was also charged with possession of a controlled substance and giving false information to a parole officer. 
Assistance was given to a stranded motorist on State Route 137. The woman stated that the vehicle died when she was driving to work. The vehicle was moved off the roadway, to be towed later. 
A caller reported that a rock was thrown from the tires of a tractor trailer unit, causing a chip in the windshield of the vehicle. The license plate number given by the reporting party was not on file. 
A motorist and truck driver reported careless and imprudent driving of one another on U.S. Highway 63, near Love’s. After the driver of the passenger vehicle reported the truck driver, the truck driver stated careless frustrated driving by the woman. The two apologized to one another and went their separate ways. 
A woman reported an incident of harassment while she was near Dollar General. Contact was made with the other party involved in the alleged incident. When the second party denied what the reporting party had occurred, the two were advised to try away from one another. 
A caller reported a truck that was parked on Willow Road for a period of time. The caller stated that they were concerned that someone might try to steal the appliances that were in the back of the truck. 
Debris was removed from the westbound lane of U.S. Highway 63 that was a potential hazard to traffic. 
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