Willow Springs Police Department

February 9
Douglas A Rake, Topeka, Kan., speeding 11-15 over
Jameson Douglas Emiling, Overland Park, Kan., speeding 11-15 over
February 10
Jarrell J Harmony, Pleasant Plains, Ill., speeding 11-15 over
Charles Davis Rakestraw, Sentaboia, Miss., speeding 11-15 over
Tyler Christian Curtis, Hardy, Ark., speeding 11-15 over
Brian Wesley Hurt, Eads, Tenn., speeding 6-10 over
Favors Na’Shon Dontavious, Atlanta, Ga., speeding 20-25 over
February 11
Fredarrion Da’Jaylon Da’sh Robinson, Truman, Ark., speeding 11-15 over
Lisa Gail Finch, Newport, Ark., speeding 11-15 over
Kathy Dianne White, Meridian, Miss., speeding 11-15 over
Sonja A Meyers, Quakertown, Penn., speeding 11-15 over
Katherine Grace Miller, Highland, Ark., speeding 16-19 over
Dustin Danny Barger, Cohutta, Ga., speeding 11-15 over
Callan Mitchell Philip Hahn, Thurmont, Mo., speeding 16-19 over
James Vernon Woods, Willow Springs, fail to stop at stop sign
Gene Anthony Gallegos, Brownsville, Tex., speeding 11-15 over
February 12
Misty M Shoup, Birch Tree, speeding 11-15 over
Jason Vincent Thomas, Dexter, Mo., speeding 16-19 over
Hailey Marie Edwards, Aurora, Ill., Speeding 11-15 over
February 13
Ramona Clarise Brown, Kansas City, Mo., speeding 11-15 over
February 15
Ashley Nicole Helton, Mountain View, speeding 6-10 over
Sklyer Thomas Bockman, Birch Tree, speeding 6-10 over
Calls for Service
February 9
Officer Jake Cronin responded to a residence on East Main for a runaway juvenile. He made contact with the juvenile and advised them to return home. The juvenile returned shortly.
Assistant Chief Alan Lewis took a report of a lost or stolen wallet an individual accidentally left at Love’s Travel Center.
Assistant Chief Lewis assisted Children’s Division on Sixth Street with an investigation.
Assistant Chief Lewis and Officer Cronin assisted EMS with a medical call at Willow Villa Apartments. 
Assistant Chief Lewis responded to Good Graces Pharmacy for a commercial alarm. The alarm company contacted dispatch to relay false alarm information. 
February 10
Officer Joby Hoopes received a call of a suspicious vehicle. Investigation found the driver delivering meals for the senior center. 
Officer Hoopes responded to Pine Street for possible suspicious circumstances surrounding a vacant residence. He found the building secure.
Officer Jim Hedlesten assisted with a vehicle accident involving a Howell County Deputy. 
February 11
Officer Jim Hedlesten received a call for a wellbeing check from Love’s Travel Center. A truck parked for three weeks may have someone inside. Investigation did not location anyone in or around the truck.
Officer Hedlesten assisted with traffic protection for a motorist with an oversize load on State Route 76. 
Officer Hedlesten assisted with traffic protection for a motorist changing a tire on US 60.
Officer Wade Bloomer responded to Tractor Supply for an alarm. The building appeared secure.
February 12
An employee at a business on East Main relayed information to Officer Paul McCormick about a possible domestic assault that occurred elsewhere.
Officer Hedlesten checked on a motorist with a flat tire. 
Officer McCormick spoke to the owner of a dog on East Main after complaints that the dog harassed customers at a business.
February 13
Officers responded to Willow Springs Apartments for a report of domestic assault. Officers Jada Gunter and David Hocking entered the residence to find a couple arguing and a juvenile emotionally upset with an injury. EMS transported the juvenile and Officer Hocking made a hot line call to children’s division due to circumstances inside the home. 
Chief Wes Ellison took a report from Town and Country regarding a theft. The report will be forwarded to Howell County.
February 14
Officer Gunter spoke to an individual regarding an issue with a local restaurant. The customer explained an issue about their plate to the server who insisted on bringing another plate. The customer stated they were then charged for both dishes and requested to speak to an officer.
Officer Joe Barnhouse completed security checks at: Loves, Bear Crossing Truck Wash, Jasper, FGBC, G & W HQ, Bear Crossing shopping center, Cattlemen’s, TSC, Midwest Walnut, Booster field, Cox Health, Yarber’s, MUNCH, Randy’s, T & C, DG, Family Dollar, downtown business district, golf course, and Snappy Mart.
Assistant Chief Lewis responded to a non-injury accident near Mercy Clinic. 
 February 15
Chief Ellison received a call of a suspicious package with wires at the rear of Town and Country Supermarket. Investigation found two bags of grapes with wire probes hanging out. He removed the wires and destroyed the grapes.
Officer Barnhouse responded to a residential alarm on Pine Grove Road. The homeowner accidentally tripped the alarm.
Officer Barnhouse took a report of a nuisance animal on Garfield Street. A report will be forwarded to animal control.
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