Willow Springs Police Department

February 25
Joshua Nelson Wideman, Union, MO, speeding 11-15 over
Jennifer Lynn Schmittou, Clarksville, Tenn., speeding 11-15 over
Berva Edward Davis, West Plains, speeding 11-15 over
February 26
Emma Elizabeth Lorge, Clarksville, Tenn., speeding 20-25 over
Jason D. Thobodaux, Prairieville Road, La., speeding 11-15 over
February 27
Rebecca Jean Burk, Willow Springs, vicious animal, animal at large
Daylon William Sloniker, Pomona, driving while revoked, no seatbelt
Denis Gerasimov, Willow Springs, speeding 11-15 over
February 28
Bailey Ann Gee, Nixa, Mo., speeding 11-15 over
Eric P Leonard, Nashville, Tenn., speeding 20-25 over
March 2
Henry Wesley Winton, Willow Springs, operate vehicle without financial responsibility
Michael Carlos Ramirez, Mansfield, Mo., speeding 11-15 over
Calls for Service
February 23
Officer Cary Gates responded to the public laundry for an unresponsive individual. Officer Gates spoke to the individual and informed them they were not allowed to sleep at the laundry. 
February 24
Officer Jake Cronin trespassed an individual from the YMCA.
Officer Jim Hedlesten took a report of a juvenile expelled from school and walking away from home. Officer Gates located the juvenile, and Officer Hedlesten returned them to the residence.
Officer Joby Hoopes responded to the WS Schools for a report of a minor in possession of intoxicants.
February 25
Officer Cronin checked on a suspicious vehicle parked at Subway.
Officer Gates received a call about juveniles walking down the street carrying skateboards and what appeared to be a weapon. Investigation found one juvenile transporting home a newly purchased BB gun.
Officer Gates received a report of theft from a residence on Oak Street. He located the individual involved at Snappy Mart. The individual explained the circumstances of the item and gave the location. Officer Gates and the individual went to Oak Street where Officer Hedlesten already located the item. Officers made sure the homeowner secured the item before leaving.
Officer Wade Bloomer removed an intoxicated individual from Snappy Mart.
Officer Bloomer responded to Sunshine Drive for a report of armed individuals inside a residence threatening the reporting party. Officer Cronin responded to assist. After gaining entry to the residence, they found only the reporting party, who refused medical treatment. 
During area checks, Officer Bloomer found an individual lying near the sign of the funeral home. EMS transported the subject. 
February 27
Officer Ryan McGinnis responded to Snappy Mart for a request by management to remove intoxicated individuals. The individuals left with a sober driver. 
Dispatch received a call from Howell County 911 that burned food caused a fire alarm at Cox Health and no response is needed.
Officer Hoopes received information on a possible domestic assault taking place in a vehicle. He did not locate the vehicle. 
Officer David Hocking responded to the Senior Center for a report of loud music and yelling. Individuals were informed to turn down the music or receive a citation.
Officer Hoopes assisted Children’s Division with an investigation.
February 28
Officer McGinnis completed area checks at Lee’s Tire and Willow Springs Schools.
Officer Hoopes responded to Ferguson Street for a report of a landlord being on the property. Investigation found the landlord making repairs and improvements to the outside of the property. 
Officer Hocking responded to North Ash for a report of a verbal disturbance. Investigation found two individuals had separated and stated they would leave each other alone.
Officer Hocking received a report of a disturbance at the Senior Center. He escorted an individual off the property.
Officers Hoopes and Myers assisted EMS with a medical call on Sunshine Drive.
March 1
Officer McGinns completed area checks at Peterbilt.
Officer Hoopes responded to the public laundry for a report of threats after an individual removed another person’s clothing from a machine.
Officer Hoopes assisted Texas County Sheriff’s Department with attempting to locate an individual.
Officer Hoopes responded to South Center Street for a report of verbal disturbance. 
Officer Hoopes took a report of property damage from a residence on South Center Street.
March 2
Officer McGinnis completed area checks at: White Industries, the wastewater treatment plant, and Lee’s Tire.
Officer McGinnis removed a deceased deer from the roadway on West US 60. 
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