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Howell County FC competes in Springfield league

Two teams from the local soccer club Howell County FC competed in a Springfield indoor and futsal league this winter.
"We went back to Lake Country Soccer this year, due to lack of teams to play at Allison Sports town," commented Head Coach Nathan Wagner on the Springfield league. "It’s not a new place for us, we’ve been competing there (Lake Country) for years. Although there were some new teams there this time around, I feel like the fact we were back stirred the pot a bit as we are almost always formidable."
This year proved to be no different. The high school indoor girls took third place in a league of eight teams ending their season with a record of 5 wins and 3 losses. The team missed taking second place by one point. 
"The girls came out and hit hard. We had some new faces that had to learn fast on how it works inside with walls, but they got it down quick," began Head Coach Wagner. "We had an all around solid team. Kaylie Wagner scored 23 of our 42 points and Baleigh Miller was our shot stopper making countless saves. We had a solid GF and GA average in my opinion. The majority of the girls scored at least once, which is what I strive for, as it builds confidence. Unfortunately we lose a lot of senior players after this season which will be saddening to all of us to see them go."
The younger HCFC team competed in a futsal league of six teams this winter. The team, having never competed in a futsal league, held their own throughout the league and ended the season on a 1-0 win against the house team Rush.
"This is where the new addition of futsal this season comes in," explained Head Coach Wagner on not being overly stressed about losing several key seniors. "We’ve got major talent coming for us soon. Kaylee Allen, Aubree Zitter, Avary Chowning, Jasmyne Wallander, Bristol Dale, Taylen Luster, and Macy Russel as our keeper are gonna make the difference in our future and we are very exited to see what they become. Howell County FC is always looking to expand, and are always looking for new talent. I’m certain I’ll have new names to add next season."
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