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Lady Bears Finish the Week 3 and 0 in the SCA

After losing to the Salem Tigers recently in tournament play, the Lady Bears pulled off a closely contested win during SCA play at Munford Gymnasium this week. The final score was 60 to 62. 
On January 14, Willow Springs hosted their other big rival in the SCA, the Lady Bears from Ava. Fresh off their win against Salem, Head Coach Judy Tilley said the Willow girls were “fired up and ready” when they took the court Thursday night. The home team walked away the winners with a final score of 67 to 57.
Coach Tilley was “really proud” of the way the girls played against Ava, mentioning that the victory was a team effort. 
“It takes us all, point-wise,” she said. 
The district title is understood to be a contest among Salem, Willow Springs, and Ava this season, and the Lady Bears have now won every game in SCA play against these opponents. 
There are four regular season games left to play. 
After the win on Thursday, Coach Tilley said, “We are in a good spot and have a chance to win [the district title].”

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