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Landside over Licking and Big Win over State-ranked Hartville

When the Bears hit the hardwood against the Licking Wildcats Tuesday night, the game started out with strong offense from both teams. The Bears led at the end of the first 21 to 20. 
Though they held on to their lead for most of the second, the Bears hit a scoring slump, and the Wildcats took full advantage. The Wildcats charged ahead, taking a lead of 38-27, with three minutes left. The Bears wrestled it back and went into the half with a lead of 45 over Licking’s 31. 
Both teams had trouble with turnovers in the third, but the Bears made it through, leading the quarter 68-39. In the final quarter, the Bears put fresh players in, including Taftin Thompson, who knocked two threes down. The Bears found their steady routine and outscored the Wildcats for a landslide lead. The final score was 79-52, Bears. 
During Friday’s game against the Hartville Eagles, the first quarter saw the Eagles pull out a two-point lead. In the second, the Bears did have trouble with shots falling, but made points happen with three minutes left. By halftime, the gap closed to 21-28 Eagles.
Despite trouble with turnovers in the third, they closed the lead to two points. Towards the end of the quarter, the Eagles lost the ball, and Scottie Osborn grabbed it, tossed it to Owen Duddridge, and he threw it down court to Gannon McGinnis, who lobbed it up for a three. 
The Bears took the lead for the first time with a score of 35 to 33. The fourth was a mind blowing, exciting time for the Bears, even with mishaps and rough calls, the Bears stay ahead by four. With one minute left, the Bears held off the Eagles with a final score of 46-44, Bears.
Scottie Osborn shot 14 for the Bears, Owen Duddridge had 12, Gannon McGinnis 11, Gabe Colvin 8, and Ryan Koehler 1. 
The Willow Springs Bears are now 7-3 for the season. 
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