A Night of Comebacks

The Willow Springs bears stepped onto the gridiron for their first game of the season in Clever on Friday, August 27. The team in Clever came back to varsity football after 92 years this season. The Blue Jays have been working hard since 2016 to make their dreams of varsity football program come true. Clever celebrated their senior night at their first game due to the coronavirus pandemic, and with a team stacked with seniors, the town had turned out in full support.
Exploding off the line and showing their quickness as a unit, junior Landon Crudington (no. 58), senior Martin Leija (no. 52), senior Brayden Henry (no. 57), junior Micah Stetina (no. 60), and sophomore Warren Ennis (no. 62) displayed their athletic ability and worked in overdrive Friday night. They proved they have what it takes to hold the line, allowing for the executed plays that won the Bears their first victory this season.
Junior Owen Duddridge, (no. 3) made his comeback to football for the first time since middle school. In a highlight play, he secured the ball to senior Kyle Wood who ran it in for the first touchdown of the night. Duddridge and Wood would continue to connect for several more touchdowns.
The offensive linemen, Stetina and Leija, controlled the trenches and allowed for sophomore powerhouse Gavin Ferguson (no. 30) to run his first varsity touchdown of the season.
Bears Lineman Landon Crudington (junior, no. 58) and senior Justin Chaney (no. 88) kept Clever busy allowing junior Garrett Worley (no. 16) to celebrate his 17th birthday by also running a touchdown in.
Junior Scottie Osborn, no. 40, made his comeback to football after a year lapse. His quick feet and fast moves aided him in scoring, not only his first high school touchdown, but also his second. He proved he isn’t just putting up points for the Bears as center and power forward during the basketball season. In his freshman year, Osborn played guard on offense during football season. This year, the move to running back is already paying off.
Coach Vince McCrosky, made a return Friday night as well. Coach McCrosky is no stranger to the Bears, having coached from 1997 to 2000 and again from 2009 to 2012.
The Bears are dedicating the season to fallen Bear, no. 12, Jonah Smith, class of 2021. The team is determined to represent Jonah’s dedication to the game and his passion for his teammates. The hashtag movement #DoitforJonah is stronger than ever.
This Friday, the Bears will face Marionville in their first game of the season on Palenske Field. Senior night festivities for winter sports will also take place on September 4.

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