Salem Tigers Beat the Bears at Home

The Willow Bears hosted the Salem Tigers for their Fall Sports Senior Night at Palenske Field. Bears hit the field with vengeance and drive after a pre-game chant in the end zone that really got the crowd going. The Bears had most of their injured and quarantined Bears back Friday night, but were without Head Coach Logan Schwalm and Defensive Coordinator Vince McCosky.
Salem won the toss and deferred kicking off to the Bears. The Bears’ special teams made a hole for Cody Ward (no 21) on the first drive while the Bears’ blockers were doing their job, allowing Osborne (no 40) to plow through at every opportunity, which kept the Bears marching down the field. With the ball at the 3-yard line, with precious little time left in the Bears’ possession, Owen Duddridge (no 3) ran in a touchdown on the sweep, but the extra point was no good. The Bears held the lead at the end of the first quarter, 6 to 0.
Devin Atchison (no 24) for the Tigers came out with several impressive carries in the second quarter. It was fourth down with less than one yard to go inside at the Bears’ 10-yard line, and Willow Springs could not stop the Tigers. Salem’s Garrett Connell (no 15) went wide for a touchdown, tying up the game 6 to 6. Their extra point was good, and the Tigers took the lead  to 6.
With the Tigers in possession, it was the second down and 8. Salem was at the 12-yard line with 2:45 on the clock. Salem’s Connel threw a touchdown pass for an 88-yard run to Bradlee Gover (no 32). The extra point was no good. With 2:12 left to go in the first half, the score was 13 to 6, Tigers. 
At the two-yard line, the Bears accomplished a handoff to Osborne, who ran it in for a touchdown. The extra point was wide, and the score at half time was 13 to 12, Salem. 
Neither team scored in the third quarter, but the closest attempt was the Tiger’s first-and-ten on the 25-yard line with 1:12 on the clock. Connell caught the snap and threw to Caden Camden (no 5), who made a 49-yard run but was taken down by Taylor Rothermich (no 15) at the Bears’ 16-yard line.
The Tigers came out hot in the fourth quarter with Connell running in for a touchdown with an extra point thanks to Bradlee Gover (no 32) that brought the score 19 to 12.
It was first-and-goal for the Tigers at the Bear nine-yard line, when Tiger Devin Atchison  (no 24)  carried to the seven-yard line for the second-and-goal.  Connel pitched to Camden for the touchdown. The extra point was good, and the score stood at 27 to 12, Tigers, which would be the game’s final score.
The Bears’ Osborne accomplished 26 carries, ran 128 yards, and ran in a touchdown. Once again, offense in Willow Springs struggled and lacked a passing game.
Tigers’ Quarterback Connell was the standout for the Tigers with 12 carries for 118 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception. Camden 14 carries 122 yards. Conell and Camden worked in perfect unison all night. Tigers Nathan Pyle (no 68) and Hunter Shaw (no 50) were a force to be reckoned with during the second half of the game.
The Willow Springs Bears travel to Houston next week. The Houston Tigers have five returning offensive and six returning defensive starters.

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