Thomas F. Benyo Golf Scores

Monday, June 7, Church League
We had 19 players, 3 teams. Played Progressive Tees
Two teams were tied.
Score 25 Ben Knight, James, Jarred Grogan, Glenn Davis, Paul Davis, Linda Benyo
Score 25 Steve Coatney, Johnny White, Wendy Willard, Gibby, Kaye Tipton Nancy Vornold
Score 28 Buster Graves, Will Gunnerson, Christian, Aaron Miller, Barb Tate, Seth, Chad
Tuesday, June 8, Cat and Dog
We had 7 teams. Two teams were tied
Score 36 1st place Jamie Tipton, Kaye Tipton
Score 36 2nd place Mike Coatney, Linda Benyo
Score 37 Buster Graves, Barb Tate
Score 37 Farrell Graves, Michele Meyers
Score 38 Gibby, Wendy Willard
Score 39 Aaron and Heather Miller
Score 39 Steve Coatney, Nancy Vornold

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