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Tipping Point Conference Game a Loss

The Willow Springs Bears fell to the Mountain Grove Panthers Friday, losing the home conference game with a score of 7 to 37. Both teams were 1-2 in their respective seasons, and this was the game that would break either Mountain Grove or Willow out of their losing streak. 
Penalty flags were the theme of the game starting in the second half. Flags were called on both teams on almost every single play. Flag after flag effectively stalled the Bears’ progress after they got on the board.
After the nonstop Panther touchdowns of the first half Nate McDaniel (no. 35) intercepted a would-be touchdown pass. Hopes were high after that with Lachlan Duffield (no. 6) receiving the football and making an impressive 34-yard touchdown, dodging large groups of defenders who had stopped all other attempts at scoring. Thomas Sidorovich (no. 57) sealed the touchdown with a PAT (point-after touchdown) conversion play that earned Willow another point.
Quarterback Taylor Rothermich was injured and replaced by junior Ryan Friga (no. 4). During the fourth quarter, Friga had possession of the ball and snapped it quickly and accurately 21 yards to Ryan Koehler (no. 5) who caught the ball in one hand well over his head. Koehler took it a fair distance before being taken down, despite a Panther hot on his heels.
Willow takes on the Liberty Eagles for their homecoming game at the Eagles Nest in Mountain View next week. The Liberty Eagles are also 1 and 3 in the season after losing to Ava last week 52 to 29.
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