Willow Springs Thomas F. Benyo Golf Scores

Monday, July 31 - Church League
There were 15 players for Monday nights Church League. Linda Benyo, Mike Coatney, Ryan Koeler, Jackson Lee and Marc had a score of 28. Ben Knight, Paul Davis, Glenn Davis, Barb Tate and Gibby had a score of 30. Steve Coatney, Tammy, Buster Graves, Pam Smith and Terry Brock had a score of 34.
Tuesday, August 1 - Cat and Dog League
Mike Coatney and Linda Benyo had a score of 35. Buster Graves and Barb Tate had a score of 37. Tryton Henley and Maddy Feldman had a score of 40. Longest Pull on Hole #9 was Tryton Henley.

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