Willow Springs Thomas F. Benyo Golf Scores

Despite the weather not being agreeable for golf the last few weeks, leagues have finally started playing on Monday and Tuesday.
Monday, June 3 - Church League
Team 1 with a score of 4 under: Ron Brown, Danny Bradley, Mike Coatney, Linda Benyo, and Short Tupper. Team 2: Blane Altermatt, Brady Altermatt, Mark Prough, and Paul Davis. Marc Prough had the longest putt on Hole #9
Tuesday, June 4 - Cat and Dog
Heather and Aaron Miller with a score of 33; Sherry Jungferman and Terry Brock with a score of 35; Mike Coatney and Linda Benyo with a score of 38; and Steven Foster and Lilly Foster with a score of 42.
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