WS Thomas F. Benyo Golf Scores

Monday, September 13
Fifteen players were present for the Church League game. 
Score 29 Bryce Duddridge, Linda Benyo, Farrell Graves, Barb Tate
Score 31 Ben Knight, Terry Brock, Pam Smith, Wendy Willard
Score 32 Steve Coatney, Mike Coatney, Jaxson Cox (They had extra shots)
Jaxson Cox Longest Putt on Hole #1
Farrell Graves Closest to pin 2nd shot Hole #6
Ben Knight Closest to pin 2nd shot Hole #9
Tuesday, September 14 Cat and Dog
Score 34 Buster Graves & Barb Tate (1st)
Score 35 Farrell Graves & Krista(3rd)
Score 35 Steve Coatney & Linda Benyo (won the draw)
Score 37 Wendy Willard & Gibby
Score 39 Terry Brock & Pam Smith
Score 41 June & Meth Swanson
The league will play until the end of September. The date for the Church League dinner has not yet been set for October.
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