(photos courtesy of Mountain View Police Department)

Tractor Trailer Fire in Mtn. View

A semi-truck burst into flames while two people were sleeping inside it on May 19 in Mountain View. According to Deputy Fire Chief Michael Pauly, the truck was hauling goods on behalf of a trucking company based in Arkansas. The call came in at 11:58 p.m., and it only took the Mountain View Fire Department between five and ten minutes to extinguish the flames. 
The cause of the fire remains unknown, and the incident will not be referred to a fire marshal for further investigation said Deputy Chief Pauly. 
The damage to the truck was complete. 
“It burned the truck up entirely,” confirmed Deputy Chief Pauly.
The driver and a guest had pulled into the parking lot near Dollar General and Wal-Mart to sleep overnight. Neither the driver nor the passenger were injured in the fire, and family members in West Plains were able to pick them up from the scene.

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