(photos courtesy of Mountain View Police Department)
A semi-truck burst into flames while two people were sleeping inside it on May 19 in Mountain View. According to Deputy Fire Chief Michael Pauly, the truck was hauling goods on behalf of a trucking company based in Arkansas. The call came in at 11:58 p.m., and it only took the Mountain View Fire...
Mountain View Fire Department responded to a fire engulfing a detached garage at a residence on Sharp St. in Mountain View on Tuesday afternoon, May 12. The homeowner’s son tried to build a fire in a wood stove using gasoline as an accelerant, said Mountain View Fire Chief, Stanley Murphy. ...
On April 7, fire departments from Birch Tree, Mountain View, and Winona responded to a brush fire burning out of control on Highway FF. The landowners identified themselves as off-grid homesteaders. According to one resident on the scene, the fire started as a cookfire that rapidly spread in high...

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