City of Willow Springs to Place Storm Siren at South Junction

At the regular monthly meeting of the Willow Springs City Council, Mayor Brooke Fair and the Board of Aldermen learned that the City has been awarded a FEMA grant for the purpose of placing a storm siren at the South Junction. City Administrator Beverly Hicks told Council that the siren is necessary because of the increase of people who are employed in that area due to the recent boom of businesses and construction on that end of town. 
City Clerk Heather Duddridge has been spearheading this project working with Blue Valley Public Safety, SEMA, and MoDOT. Duddridge informed Council that the siren location will be on the northwest side of the 3-way stop, just behind the MoDOT right-of-way.
FEMA will provide $21,975.75 of the project funds, and the City’s cost for the siren will be $7,325.25, for a total project cost of $29,301.
The resolution passed unanimously, and Hicks is now free to move forward with signing the project contract.
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