Missouri GOP Votes to Change State Convention Method

The Executive Committee of the Missouri Republican State Committee voted unanimously on May 13 to hold its state convention by mail-in ballot, rather than in-person as originally planned.  It is a step many state Republican Parties are taking with venues unable to accommodate large gatherings.  In this case, the St. Charles Convention Center notified MOGOP that under "force majeure," citing COVID-19 guidelines, they would not be able to accommodate the expected 3,000 attendees. The group also voted to seek an RNC Executive Committee change-of-method waiver that is expected to be granted.  The state convention was to be held at the St. Charles Convention Center next month.
 "The planning for our 2020 State Convention started more than a year ago with the help and volunteerism of many Missouri Republicans who care deeply about the direction of our state," said Jean Evans, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.  "The St. Charles Convention Center's team worked with us for weeks to find a solution, but ultimately they were unable to accommodate an event of this size with the required social distancing.  Under the circumstances we had no choice but to take the necessary step of holding the 2020 State Convention by mail-in ballot.  I want to be very clear that this is not the outcome we wanted.  We believe in the value of having our delegates together to support our president and statewide candidates.  We have been preparing for the possibility of this unwanted outcome for many weeks and are doing everything possible to ensure a professional, organized and accurate mail-in ballot process."
 Evans said the MRP is planning a large grassroots event later in the year to support President Trump, Governor Parson, and the entire Missouri Republican ticket with invitations to all who would have attended the state convention.
Here is how the mail-in voting for the 2020 State Convention will work:
-MRP would set an early June deadline for the submission of nominations for the various positions that will be voted upon (national delegates/alternates, electors, national committeeman, national committee woman).
-Once slate submissions are received, the MRP will print and mail official ballots to all delegates and alternates.
-Delegates and alternates will have approximately one week to complete and return their ballots. -MRP will require ballots to be postmarked by a certain date.
-MRP will provide a return envelope for the ballots.
The credentials committee appointed last fall, chaired by Stanley Cox, will oversee the counting of the ballots.

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