Officer-Involved Crash after Pursuit

While pursuing a subject, Corporal Trenton Roberts of the Mountain View Police Department was involved in a collision on US Highway 60 at approximately 1:20 pm on August 18.
“The pursuit began after a stop sign was ran on the road next to The Anchor,” said Police Chief James Perkins in an interview. 
Corporal Roberts observed a 2003 Dodge Neon cross all five lanes before making a swift turn to avoid entering the ditch. Corporal Roberts initiated a traffic stop with emergency lights flashing as the Neon accelerated. The pursuit ended in Shannon County near Montier. Throughout the duration of the pursuit the subject’s car continually swerved with speeds reaching over 100 mph. 
The driver abruptly slammed on his breaks near Montier, Chief Perkins said. To avoid the vehicle, Corporal Roberts drove into the passing lane, skidded to the edge of the grass, and stuck the offender’s vehicle on the driver’s side. 
Once the vehicles had come to rest, Corporal Roberts exited his vehicle and observed the driver of the Neon partially ejected within the vehicle. His head was toward the back of the car positioned between the driver and passenger seat. There was no visible sign of injury other than a small cut to forehead, according to Chief Perkins. Corporal Roberts attempted to remove the driver from the vehicle. 
The driver was later identified to be Gary Gastineau. Once Gastineau was removed from the vehicle, he was flown to Cox hospital in Springfield for treatment of his injuries, shared Chief Perkins. 
Corporal Roberts remains on medical leave until next week as requested by his care provider. He suffered air bag burns and two injured wrists in Tuesday’s accident. Corporal Roberts was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident. 
There have been no charges filed against Gastineau as of press time.
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