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Visitors Flock to Newly Completed Patriotic Mural

Two miles north of Pomona on highway 63, a mural now stands as a sign of gratitude toward first responders and those who serve our country. This 12x20 painting on the side an outbuilding features an arrangement of iconic images: the American flag being raised during the battle of Imo Jima, a soaring bald eagle, and first responder symbols. The painting is named The Howell County Tribute Mural. 
Muralist Sandra Pemberton, of Neosho, and owner of Sandra Pemberton Fine Art, traveled to Pomona at the request of the landowner, Rocky Burgess. After five days and over thirty hours of painting, the finished mural has become an attraction. 
“It has received a response I never dreamed it would get,” commented Burgess. “I just wanted something that people could see when they drive by. I never imagined it would get the type of response it has.” 
“It has been so heartwarming to see the support,” Pemberton said regarding the outpouring of support the mural has received. “I just hope it is bringing people together.” 
Surprised by the number of visitors the mural has received, Burgess now has plans to create a parking lot for visitor use near the front of the mural in what is currently his side yard. “There will be a donation box soon in place near the mural where people wanting to give can help in establishing the parking area, install lighting, and contribute to upkeep,” he explained. 
Those interested in helping support the cause can visit The Howell County Tribute Mural’s Facebook page. To find more information on the artist contact Sandra directly at 417-355-3012, or by email at
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