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As we draw closer to election day, it feels like we have become the “Divided States of America.”  Whether you are a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or any other party, we are united in the hope that our country will survive as a Republic and leadership will find a way forward that respects the needs and desires of the people.
We are supposed to be governed “by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE, not by big business for big business. The divide between the classes has pretty much eliminated the middle class.  You are either very rich, or you’re broke or close to it.  The truth is, our country is in a mess.  While we have 4 % of the world’s population, we currently lost 20% of the world’s Covid deaths. Healthcare is less and less affordable during this pandemic, with no clear plan for the future of a more affordable health plan in sight.
If we are to survive as a Republic we need strong leadership of all THREE branches of government.  We need leaders who are willing to listen to the needs and concerns of the citizens of our country.  Do you believe our politicians in Washington represent and listen to you?  Are you happy with the path we are currently on?  I suggest you reach out to those who are in office as well as those who are currently running.  Vote for whoever listens to YOUR concerns.  If “We the People” don’t speak up and let our leaders know where and what we stand for, they won’t know what the will of the people is.  Voting is one of the most important tools we as citizens have.
If politicians know we are watching, if they know what we want accomplished, maybe they’ll listen to us instead of the “Big Pharma” and other influences.  Express yourself.  Make your voice heard. VOTE!
Helen Skinner, Willow Springs

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