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September 3
Devon Eugene Riley, Willow Springs, defective equipment
Calls for Service
August 28
The police department conducted a building security check at Booster Field.
A police officer discovered an unsecure door at SnappyMart while on patrol.  The officer contacted the sales clerk, and the door was secured. 
911 dispatched a police officer to the Love’s Truck Stop to assist the Willow Springs Ambulance District for a report of a man having an allergic reaction. 
A police officer spoke with a high school student regarding his loud stereo system.  The officer advised him to be respectful of the homes on the back side of the high school parking lot and to keep his volume down to a minimum.  
A police officer assisted a funeral procession turn south on U.S. Highway 60 from west bound State Route 76. 
A police officer responded to a reported domestic disturbance on East Fourth St.  When the officer arrived, he spoke to the parties involved and advised them to keep it down. 
While on patrol, an officer discovered a black extended cab Chevy truck in one of the bays at HillBilly Junction.  There was no registration as present on the truck.  The officer inspected the building and property and nothing seemed out of place.
August 29
A police officer spoke to an elderly man parked at the Town & Country parking lot with his vehicle running.  The man stated that he lives on Holloway Dr and randomly parks there at night to relax due to insomnia. 
The police department received a report of a careless and imprudent driver in a pick up truck pulling a utility trailer.  A police officer investigated, but was unable to locate the vehicle. 
The police department took an incident report of cyber harassment
Police officers responded to South Harris St for a report of a man kicking in the door of an abandoned house. The man was located inside the house and placed under arrest, but no charges were filed. 
The police department investigated a 911 hangup on West High St.  The police spoke with the resident, and found they have no landline. 
August 30
The police department received a report of a white car running in the parking lot near East Park St. since 6:00pm.  The responding officer checked the parking lots and did not find a vehicle.  
August 31
A woman called the police department to see if they disposed of old medications. The police department advised her to bring them in and put them in the designated box.  She later brought them in. 
A man came to the police department wanting to know if anyone had turned in a check book he had lost.  He was informed that if anyone brings one in, the police department gave him a call.  
A woman called the police department stating she found a bottle with a baggie in it that appeared to have drugs.  The police put her in contact with the Howell County Sheriff's Office because she was outside city jurisdiction. 
September 1
Police officers responded to a 911 hang-up at a residence on West High St. The officers spoke with the resident and was told no one had called 911 from her home. 
Police officers responded to a report of a man walking around acting suspicious.  The officers found the man and he stated he had been arguing with his girlfriend on the phone and was just walking around. 
September 2
Police officers responded to a report of harassment.  A woman stated her neighbors are harassing her by throwing things at the house at night, yelling profanity at her and using some kind of ray that burns her skin.  The officers attempted to talk to the neighbor, but no one was home. 
A man called the police department with some questions pertaining to tenants living within his home. 
A police officer spoke with a visibly upset man in the Snappy Mark parking lot.  The man stated he had just packed up his things and left his home on Highway 76.  After being asked, the man stated his insurance coverage had lapsed in August.  The officer asked if someone could pick him up since he had no insurance.  The officer was able to call the man’s uncle and waited for him to arrive before heading back out on patrol. 
September 3
911 dispatched police officers to Pine Grove for a resident who wanted her sister removed from the property.  Once on scene, the resident stated she had opened the front door to find her sister sitting on the porch and wasn’t sure when she had arrived.  The officers found the woman on the front porch bent over and breathing heavily.  The resident stated she believed her sister’s insulin levels were not where they should be.  The officer asked the woman if she would like an ambulance and she stated that she did.  Willow Springs Ambulance was dispatched and the woman was transported to receive medical attention.

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